Zimbabwe: Beitbridge Marathon On –

Thupeyo Muleya — Beitbridge Bureau

PREPARATIONS for the sixth edition of the Beitbridge Mayor’s anti-litter marathon have gathered momentum with the organisers opening registration to accommodate more participants.

The race, which is the brainchild of the Town Clerk, Loud Ramakgapola, seeks to raise awareness on issues of littering and to capacitate the community and the local authority in solid waste management.

It is understood the Beitbridge community are producing 1 000 tonnes of solid waste a month and the local authority are only able to collect about 700 tonnes. Event coordinator, Raniel Ndou, said the marathon will be held between Mtetengwe Business Centre and the Beitbridge central business district, on November 27.

He said so far 52 athletes have registered.

Those who wish to take part should register online, visit the local authority’s main town office or housing office in the Dulivhadzimu suburb.

“We now have an online registration platform where people can register from anywhere and we are encouraging the participants to utilise the online platform to register on time,” said Ndou.

“Previously, we had Sanctuary Insurance as the main sponsors, but now the races are being sponsored mainly by the community of Beitbridge.

“Registration is open for those who are 16 years-and-above and the athletes will pay a nominal fee of either R30 or US$2.”

He said the main 21km race will start at Mtetengwe Business Centre, along the Beitbridge/Bulawayo Road and end in the town’s CBD.

Ndou said the 15km road race will start at Malala Business Centre and end in the CBD, while a 5km power walk will start from the Masvingo turn-off, and also end in the CBD.

Some of the categories will include the Paralympic Athletes, juniors, and seniors, masters, veterans and grandmasters.

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