You Can’t Explain Nicolas Cage. It’s Time To Stop Trying.

Vin Diesel, who’s ridden on the shoulders of souped-up muscle automobiles to develop into an avatar of the mild big. An odd, bald, muscle-bound ronin who has as a lot thriller as he does muscle mass. Vin Diesel is the good friend who performed faculty soccer however owns a pet rabbit, or the development employee feeding geese on his break.

Keanu Reeves, who’s crammed the sneakers of the reluctant savior. The vitality he brings to his roles echoes off-screen, as somebody who at all times appears stunned, however appreciative of the love he receives. He’s the good friend who’s shocked you threw him a celebration, though there was by no means a query that you’d. The good friend who picks you up from the airport and whistles on the drive again.

John Malkovich, the lovable grump. Even as he appears to visibly present distaste for impressions of him, you on the similar time by no means really feel that he’s a nasty sport, or a way of ailing will. He’s your good friend that you simply watch complain in regards to the size of a diner menu with glee. The father that grumbles about his perceived notion of the standard of meat on the native grocery store.

Brad Pitt, the golden boy. Someone who, on paper, ought to appear to encourage annoyance and hate, however within the flesh, appears to be immune from unsuitable. The good friend who the whole lot goes proper for, however who someway endlessly eludes jealousy. A perpetual winner whose stumbles and failures encourage no schadenfreude.

Yet, if we had been to stroll right into a hallowed corridor the place these figures adorned the partitions, it appears to me the statue you’ll encounter on the finish could be that of Nicolas Cage. An agent of managed chaos, a illustration of human exploration and curiosity. A being of disarray and focus in equal elements, a illustration of the understanding of uncertainty. Someone solely predictable of their unpredictability.

ancient temple


If you walked in right here and there was a statue of Nicolas Cage, would not it really feel sort of… proper?

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