Why ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Secretly A Superman Movie

Also like Thor, Superman is shackled and brought to the despotic ruler of this planet, who compliments him on his combating spirit (“This one has the fire of a champion!” vs. “Well, he’s a fighter!”). Both heroes are then given an involuntary makeover and compelled to put on an area gladiator costume, besides Superman’s leaves rather a lot much less to the creativeness. 

Gladiator Superman from 1989 comic and gladiator Thor from 2017 'Thor: Ragnarok' film.

DC Comics, Marvel Studios

If he did not have his cape useful, this comedian could be NC-17. 

Next, Superman is informed to struggle the tyrant’s champion, a giant inexperienced man known as Draaga, whereas being watched by an enormous crowd of aliens in a large enviornment, however he refuses and gives him a pleasant hand … which Draaga simply makes use of to sucker punch him. Pretty quickly, Superman will get uninterested in being a punching bag and beats the crap out of his opponent.  

Superman fights Draaga at Warworld.

DC Comics

Superman fights Draaga at Warworld.

DC Comics

Pretty positive groin punches are unlawful even in gladiator matches.

So it is mainly the Hulk struggle from Ragnarok however with out the jokes. (Yes, the fundamental “Hulk as a space gladiator” concept and look are taken from Marvel’s Planet Hulk storyline, however that is about it.) 

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