what Ireland Googled in 2021

US search-engine giant Google has revealed the 2021 edition of its Year in Search list, and there’ll be no surprises as to what’s occupied people’s minds.

While Covid-19 continued to define the world’s affairs in countless ways, it only managed to take the #3 spot in the overall listings, but ‘How to register for the Covid-19 vaccine’ was the most Googled question of the year, while ‘How to do an Antigen test’, ‘How to book a Covid-19 test’, ‘How to apply for the Covid-19 payment’ and ‘How to get the Covid-19 certificate’ also ranked among the strongest searches.

Oddly enough for some, rescheduled or continuing soccer competitions took the two top spots in overall search rankings: the belated 2020 European Football Championships were the most searched trend, followed by the English Premier League. 

It’s a theme that continues, as Christian Eriksen, the Danish soccer player who suffered a cardiac arrest during his country’s Euro 2020 group stage match with Finland this summer (as the cameras kept rolling), emerged as the most searched person, and Ireland’s own Olympic gold medalist Kellie Harrington is the fifth most Googled person this year.

In telly and streaming, Bridgerton and Squid Game occupied the top-spots, while entertainment faves Love Island and Eurovision garnered attention after breaks in 2020.

Pancakes, waffles and Shepherd’s Pie led the list among foodies as comfort food factored highly in searches. The Iced Coffee fad also made its mark, with ‘How to Make an Iced Coffee’ the second-most popular question asked overall.

The ramifications of Brexit added to Covid-era anxieties, and users flocked to Google for the fine details –  “What is Article 16” was the top “what is” question of the year. 

Get a look at the full listings at Google’s listing page.

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