What Exactly Is Vince McMahon’s… Whole Deal: An Outsider’s Perspective

There remains one facet I am unable to fully wrap my head around, however. One nut my brain is not able to crack. And that is this:

What exactly is Vince McMahon’s… whole deal? He is the real, actual CEO of the company but at the same time is effectively the mascot? He’s basically a Looney Tunes drawing of a business owner but also extremely, genuinely rich? Even more confusing is the fact that I know most wrestlers are playing a character in the ring, whether it’s some absolutely insane s**t or just a dialed up version of themselves, but I’m sure if I ran into them at a CVS they’re probably just reading shampoo labels like the rest of us. I’m not sure Vince McMahon even knows what a CVS is. As far as I can tell, and glean from wrestling friends, he is just, whether on-camera or off, an absolutely bizarre human being.

This is all thrown into more confusing relief than ever with the recent news that McMahon is stepping down as CEO after controversy over hush-money payments to cover up an internal affair. A story that is horrific on two levels: one, because of the abuse of power demonstrated in the case, and secondly, because it makes you imagine what Vince McMahon’s face looks like while in the throes of sexual passion. In my mind it’s very Dan Aykroyd getting blown by a ghost in Ghostbusters-esque. 


Or, you know, I guess it looks exactly like this.

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