Ulrika Jonsson considering earning money on OnlyFans saying ‘I strip so you can eat’

Ulrika Jonsson has said that she might join OnlyFans despite her children saying they “cringe” every time she does a nude photoshoot

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Ulrika Jonsson says Gladiators stars were all bedding each other

Ulrika Jonsson has admitted that she might join OnlyFans after her children told her that they “cringe” every time she does a nude photoshoot.

The 54-year-old TV personality told her four kids, aged 27, 21, 17 and 13, that she would ‘strip so they could eat’ in response to their criticisms of her pics.

Speaking to Kate Thornton on her White Wine Question Time podcast, Ulrika said that she told them: “I go, ‘Mate, do you wanna eat? Then this is what’s happening – I’m doing this!'”

Ulrika said that she is “really open” about stripping off and will defy anyone that would want to change her mind on the matter.

Ulrika Jonsson is tempted by the money she could earn on OnlyFans



Speaking about how her children take finding out that she has stripped off for photos, Ulrika said: “I go, ‘Oh by the way, I’m gonna be nude tomorrow in the papers’ [and] I hear deafening silence, or I can hear the rolling of the eyes.”

She did admit that it is not all negativity and that her daughter Bo, who is a nanny in training, is more encouraging.

Ulrika Jonsson says her kids “cringe” when she strips off


Ulrika Jonsson/Instagram)

Ulrika has teased her children about joining OnlyFans



Ulrika continued: “Bo is generally quite supportive actually,” she conceded of her eldest daughter, a 21-year-old nanny in training who has battled the hardship of being born with a congenital heart defect.

“She goes, ‘Very proud of you, mamma!’ I don’t know if it’s just a gratuitous throw-away thing, but it’s lovely to hear.”

When hitting back at her other kids, Ulrika joked: “I’m contemplating an Only Fans account just to p**s them off.

“I go, ‘I strip so you can eat!'”

“It does make them cringe, but they have to acknowledge that this is what I do and also love the rewards of what I do, when I can arrange something special for them because I might know someone,” she commented on the perks of her job.

“So, you know, shut up, really!”

Ulrika Jonsson with daughter Bo


Host Kate Thornton agreed, saying through laughter: Shut up, I’m naked – deal with it”.

Ulrika has been spurred on by her friend Kerry Katona claiming that she had pocketed more than £1 million since posting racy snaps on the adult subscription site.

The former Atomic Kitten singer says she earns “tens of thousands of pounds per month” and she has encouraged Ulrika to join and make a fortune as well.

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