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Ben Large, 27, was on holiday with his twin Marcus in Koh Mak, Thailand when attempts to knock a coconut from a tree nearly ended in tears

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Thailand: Man has near miss after coconut bounces back into his face

A holidaymaker narrowly escaped injury when his brother lobbed a coconut at a palm tree and it hurtled back into his face. .

Ben Large, 27 was holidaying in Koh Mak, Thailand, with twin Marcus when they decided to try knock a coconut off a towering palm branch.

Picking up a fallen coconut, Marcus chucked the large seed at the bunches of ripening fruits above.

Ben filmed the moment, hoping to record their success when Marcus knocked one to the ground.

But instead Ben caught the coconut flying towards his face after it rebounded off the trunk of the palm.

In the clip, Marcus chucks a coconut towards the ripening fruits


In the clip, Marcus chucks a coconut towards the ripening fruits)

But as he does, it misses and bounces off the palm trunk

Thankfully, the coconut swerved the Guildford-based photographer at the last minute, leaving him without injuries.

Photographer Ben, from Guildford, Surrey, said: “I’m absolutely fine – just happy to have such a classic twin moment that we always have on record!

“We knocked that specific coconut down after and went home with a coconut each.

“Both were knocked down from throwing other coconuts at them like cavemen!”

This video was taken on November 28 2021 at 1pm.

In 2002, Australia decided to remove all coconut trees from its beaches due to exaggerated reports about the number of coconut-related deaths each year

For some coconuts are a tasty snack, but the hanging fruit can also be deadly .

Coconuts falling from trees can cause serious injury when they drop on the back, neck, shoulders and head.

Death by coconut is is occasionally fatal, with it becoming such an issue in 2002 that authorities in Queensland, Australia decided to remove all coconut trees from beaches.

The coconut was dubbed ” the killer fruit” after claims of the number of fatalities it caused each year were exaggerated.

Thailand opened up early for Brit tourists but rules changed last week as quarantine-free visits for most foreign visitors were suspended due to Omicron concerns.

Currently fully vaccinated from 63 countries – including the UK – can apply for a ‘Test and Go’ scheme through the Thailand Pass website so they can visit without having to undergo lengthy quarantine.

However Thai authorities have announced that from December 22, this scheme is being suspended, meaning that any visitors planning to visit who haven’t been approved already will need to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the country.

The decision is expected to be reviewed on January 4.

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