This Online Group Has People Posting “All Things That Seem Straight Out Of A Fairytale”, And Here Are 40 Of Their Most Bewitching Pics

We also managed to get in touch with the people taking care of the subreddit, and one of them, a moderator who goes online by the nickname cestrumnocturnum was kind enough to tell us more about it. They said the mods have to do a fair share of policing to keep the community and its content neat and tidy, and that includes manually approving each post.

“Our most common reason for rejecting a post is that some people don’t want to play along with the title rules,” cestrumnocturnum told Bored Panda. “We ask posters to come up with creative titles that will suggest a story to go with the photo. You don’t have to be Tolkien, but a little imagination is appreciated. Things like book quotes, snippets of poetry, or song lyrics also work.”

The mod said there are many subreddits for sharing beautiful scenery, “and if we accepted titles that were, for example, nothing more than a location name, we wouldn’t be any different from [a community like] r/itookapicture. Our users have a lot of fun with this, but some people complain because they find it corny. We don’t mind being corny. If you can’t be fanciful in a fairytale-focused community, where can you?”

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