The Real-Life New York Location That Inspired ‘The Batman’s Batcave

The Batman did a variety of issues otherwise. It gave us a film concerning the troubled caped crusader that felt extra noir than DC. It (lastly) gave us a Batman film that includes a bisexual Selina Kyle. And would you consider it, the film even managed to offer us a Batman voice that sounds just about the identical whether or not ol’ Batsy is donning that masks or not. Incredible! It might be finished. We all the time knew.

The movie additionally determined to shift the headquarters of Emo Bats’ operations from the same old Wayne Manor (located exterior Gotham’s metropolis limits) to Wayne Towers, a extra central location. It is sensible that our True Crime-loving batboy would need to be within the thick of all of it — entry is simply a lot simpler. This, after all, made the creation of the Batcave a bit extra fascinating since there are not any mountains in the course of New York Gotham, you recognize.

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So the filmmakers turned to an previous NYC city legend to create a Batcave beneath Wayne Manor within the very heart of town. Production designer James Chinlund defined

“If the Wayne built this tower in the twenties, what would be below this tower that would offer an opportunity for a cave? There’s an underground train station at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The myth is that there’s a train parked there all the time, and the idea is that whenever the president is in town if there’s ever an emergency and he has to get out of town, they could take him through this secret tunnel at the Waldorf and get him out of town discreetly. I always loved that idea and thought it was so romantic, so I thought about the idea that if you were the Waynes and you had created this city, you would probably have your own secret train terminal under the tower.”

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