The irony of America’s ‘woke’ foreign policy 

The mid-20th-century Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr would have recognized the irony of a foreign policy that continually enters alliances (both covertly and overtly) with groups and causes that are themselves the very antithesis of the values that the US foreign-policy and defense establishments claim they are defending the world over.

Over the past several years, the weaponization of “woke” politics has had numerous ramifications across the United States. And among the most ominous of these has been the burgeoning alliance of woke liberals and progressives and the unaccountable careerists who staff the US foreign-policy bureaucracy and the military-media-defense nexus that has cynically adopted the language and mores of the woke opposition in the service of American global hegemony. 

The dynamic has been positively Hegelian: thesis (woke politics) meets antithesis (militarism) and forms a new synthesis (woke-militarism).

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