The Gross (Sexist) Trend That Keeps Popping Up In Nostalgia Sequels

And Sean Young was, inarguably, a significant a part of the unique Blade Runner – however when Blade Runner 2049 rolled round, we discovered that her character, Rachel, was killed offscreen between motion pictures. Young’s solely look was as a CGI approximation of her twenty-something self, which she referred to as “a final insult.”

Similarly, T2 Trainspotting introduced again Kelly Macdonald for a really temporary cameo, whereas the majority of the story concerned the center aged protagonists lusting over a brand new character who was in her twenties. And whereas Will Smith handed, everybody else from Jeff Goldblum, to Judd Hirsh, to Bill Pullman returned for Independence Day: Resurgence. They even introduced again Brent Spiner, who seemingly died within the authentic. But Margaret Colin’s character, Constance, apparently died in a automotive crash between motion pictures, which wasn’t even talked about in Resurgence – you had to purchase the crappy tie-in novel to determine that piece of the puzzle. Hopefully Top Gun: Maverick will not launch a comic book e book explaining that Charlie was eaten by wolves someday between 1986 and 2022.

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