‘The Batman’ Continues Hollywood’s Weird Trend Of Saluting Conspiracy Theorists

This article comprises SPOILERS for The Batman.

It’s commonplace for a Batman film to touch upon modern politics; like how The Dark Knight was an unsubtle allegory for the George W. Bush presidency, 1989’s Batman was a low-key takedown of Reagan’s America, and Batman and Robin was a scathing indictment of the weaponized botanical pheromone business. Similarly, the primary antagonist of The Batman (aside from pure gentle) is The Riddler, who peddles on-line conspiracy theories about hidden cabals which might be secretly controlling the federal government of Gotham City. And he succeeds in radicalizing his (gasp) 500 followers.

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This new tackle The Riddler conspicuously calls to thoughts latest information tales involving waves of poisonous on-line misinformation, resembling QAnon. Or the web conspiracy theories that helped foment the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which director Matt Reeves has confused occurred after the script for The Batman was written. But the issue is that the character of The Riddler is finally proper. He does assist to reveal a fancy net of corruption spun by Gotham’s shadowy elites. So The Batman is commenting on the hazards of those fringe web communities whereas additionally validating their wild theories? That appears … fairly tousled.

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