Teacher seen sipping wine on bed with teens on night ‘she had sex with pupil’

Melissa Tweedie, then 22, is seen sat on a hotel room bed with sixth form pupils on the night she is alleged to have had sex with a teenager from Gleniffer High School in Paisley, Scotland

Melissa Tweedie can be seen clutching a glass of wine as she sits with girls in a hotel room
Melissa Tweedie can be seen clutching a glass of wine as she sits with girls in a hotel room

New photos show a shamed teacher drinking alcohol with teenagers in a hotel room the same night she allegedly had sex with a pupil.

Melissa Tweedie was this week struck off the teaching register after a regulator deemed her behaviour had fallen “significantly short of the standards” expected.

The then-22-year-old is said to have joined an 18-year-old pupil from Gleniffer High School in Paisley, Scotland, in his hotel room after prom where they had sex.

In the freshly released footage, Tweedie is seen wearing a red dress perched on a bed surrounded by young women, and holding a glass of wine, reports the Daily Record.

Later that night in June 2017, she is alleged to have told the teen: “Can we for a minute act like I’m not a teacher?”

Melissa Tweedie is shown with a glass of wine during the prom at SWG3


Daily Record)

Other snaps from the leaving do at Glasgow’s SWG3 show the former teacher on the dance floor and on a stage, surrounded by pupils.

Any with evidence of the night was allegedly told to erase it.

A source at the school said yesterday: “This picture was taken after the prom as Melissa was hanging out with some of the sixth form girls with a glass of wine in the hotel.

“Of course, we all know what happened next.

“There were no drugs and nobody knows anything about her drink being spiked, as Miss Tweedie claimed to her bosses.

“The next day it was a bit crazy as rumours started to spread about what had happened.

“This picture in the hotel has been circulating among the pupils – even though pupils were warned to delete any pictures on their phones of Miss Tweedie in the hotel.”

Melissa Tweedie sits in the room with some girls

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) heard Tweedie was seen by colleagues dancing inappropriately with pupils and drinking shots at the bar.

She later went back to the Premier Inn – but claimed she only did so because of concerns pupils were taking drugs.

Tweedie also told investigators that she woke up in bed beside the pupil the next day, but denied she had slept with him and claimed she may have been spiked.

The allegation that she slept with the the young man, known as ‘Pupil A’, was found not proven by the panel.

This is despite the teen claiming that he had slept with her after drinking wine, gin, shots and beer.



Instagram/Deadline News)

But Tweedie, who now works in Dubai as a yoga instructor, was found to have kissed the teenager.

Gary Burton, presenting officer on the panel, said: “There has been no evidence of remediation and given the lack of insight, remorse or evidence of remediation I submit that the risk of repetition is significant if she was permitted to return to the profession.”

The pupil at the centre of the case told the hearing he felt “sorry” for the teacher.

He said: “We kissed, no one initiated it. We went downstairs and had sex in my room.

“I feel really sorry for Miss Tweedie, I had already handed in my leavers form. In my eyes, it wasn’t a student event.”

Police Scotland found no criminality had taken place.

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