Tanzania: ‘Sure Boy’ to Yanga As Mudathir , Moris Stay

AZAM midfield dynamo Salum Abubakari has signed a two-year contract with Young Africans after he terminated his contract with Chamazi based outfit, Azam FC.

Abubakari, the son of Young Africans’ winger Abubakari Salum, has officially submitted the letter asking to leave the club he has played for since 2007.

Following his letter Azam’s through their spokesman Zakaria Thabiti said that their club board has allowed the player to leave the club and go anywhere he wants for free though Yanga was for long a great admirer of the player and was close to snatch his signature in last season major transfer window.

“Sure Boy is our player and we heard verbally that he wants to leave the club. We have told him he should submit official letter to inform us of intention and he did so. Upon receiving the letter we handed it to club’s board members and they have decided to allow the player to go for free wherever he may want,” said Thabiti.

Azam’s statement was fol- lowed by player’s manager Heri Mzozo who said that his client has signed a two-year contract with Yanga the club he loved to play for a long time.

“I can confirm that ‘Sure Boy’ has signed a two-year contract with Yanga after he was cleared by Azam management that he can go anywhere he wants for free and as his manager I can confirm that my client is now Yanga’s player,” said Mzozo.

Azam’s suspended their three players Salum Abubakari, Aggrey Morris and Mudathiri Yahya on indiscipline issues, but last week they announced to retain their ser- vices but only Salum Abubakari refused to rejoin the club seeking to leave.

This is not the first time Salum Abubakari made an attempt to leave the club.

During last sea- son’s major transfer window he sought to depart from the club but they managed to pursue him to stay but he got his intention right to leave the club in this mini transfer window and Yanga got their man.

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