Steps to follow the morning after a drinking session to avoid a nasty hangover

Nutritionist and health coach Steve Macari has shared his top tips to follow every step of the way to help you beat a hangover after drinking a little bit too much

Young man suffering with a hangover, sitting on sofa, holding glass of water and touching head with other hand
An expert has shared some tips for after a drinking session (stock photo)

It’s an unfortunate truth that the older we get, the more hangovers seem determined to absolutely ruin our lives.

After celebrating Christmas and the New Year with one too many festive tipples, you might find yourself in a rather sorry state, determined to try anything to feel a little better.

From drinking a pint of water before bed and dousing yourself up with painkillers to drinking a pint of beer first thing on a Sunday morning, you’ve probably given every hangover cure in the book a good go.

But if nothing has worked for you so far, then fear not as nutritionist and health coach Steve Macari has shared the things you should be doing at every stage of boozy night out for Harper’s Bazaar – and they’re all pretty simple.

Hangovers can be horrendous (stock photo)

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Before boozing

It’s a stage we’ve never really considered before but putting some solid foundations in place before you pound down the shots can be very beneficial.

Steve recommends eating a balanced meal that includes protein and fat to act as a barrier for your digestive system against the damaging effects of alcohol.

You should also drink a lot of water in the day to fully hydrate your body and adding a pinch of sea salt can boost the mineral content.

The expert goes on to advise taking an extra multivitamin before you head out.

Before bed

It’s so tempting to head for a late-night kebab but the only food you should really be reaching for is fruits high in fructose.

Although tucking into an apple might be far from your foggy mind, Steve explains how it will make all the difference, saying: “Fructose is a type of sugar that helps your liver detoxify alcohol more efficiently, meaning less of a hangover.”

Finally, you can boost your B1 with a supplement as it’s an essential vitamin that takes a hit when you’ve been drinking.

The next morning

Steve has his own special hydration saviour to take as soon as you wake up if you’ve got a banging headache and an upset stomach.

To make it, he mixes 235ml of water, 118ml of coconut water, 118ml of orange juice and a pinch of sea salt.

It’s no McDonald’s breakfast but at this point, it’s likely you’ll be willing to give just about anything a go.

He adds that beetroot will also help to improve liver function – so put some in your lunch or find a juice.

Once you’re up and about and feeling slightly more human, you’ll also need to look the part.

Steve advises staying out of the sun and exfoliating to help blood circulation and get the alcohol moving out of your system faster.

Fingers crossed this advice has you feeling fit as a fiddle in no time

Do you have a brilliant hangover cure to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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