Saturday Night Live: Power Ranking The 12 Most Miserable Cast Members

When your present has had 159 solid members over almost fifty years, you possibly can’t count on all of them to be blissful.  No one is aware of that higher than producer Lorne Michaels.  “Some people, their whole lives, are just injustice collectors,” he says. “They’re going to find new injustices every day. That’s what they do, and that’s what they are.” 

Yes, they had been wronged!  (According to them.) Here’s ComedyNerd’s energy rating of the 12 most freaking depressing solid members of all time. 

Julia Sweeney

”My final 12 months was similar to one of many worst years of my life,” says Sweeney. “I think that Lorne was feeling a pressure to concentrate more on the younger talent. I think I got one sketch out of my whole fourth year. I complained. I felt like I would have scrubbed toilets with a toothbrush rather than come back to that show.”

Lorne wasn’t having it. “I let her make It’s Pat,” he says. “And ever since, it’s been on my record. They say “Saturday Night Live movies like It’s Pat.” And she’s disagreeable in regards to the present!”


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