Russell Grant’s horoscopes today – Wednesday February 2 star sign forecast

One star sign should make sure they enjoy a new friendship, meanwhile another is getting frustrated as a partner is taking too long to decide on joint plans

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


You aren’t known for your patience at the best of times. A partner is taking too long to decide on joint plans you have been discussing.

You aren’t prepared to hang around waiting any longer. Either they join you in these plans or you go ahead without them.


By putting short-term measures in place, will this undermine the long-term plan? You’re being reminded of ideas that have withered on the vine due to a lack of planning and preparation.

If more money is needed to make some improvements, applying for grants could solve the problem.


You have a lot going on as you have taken on some very different responsibilities than normal. A work or relationship dilemma is causing stress and tension.

Exercise can be an outlet for your frustration. You can also keep physical energy levels stoked up by eating more nutritious meals.


You’re keen to accept new challenges and opportunities. Every now and again feelings of reservation will overcome you and this is only natural.

You might wonder why someone wants to spend so much time with you. Stop pulling yourself down and enjoy new friendships and activities.


You are unconsciously using social commitments as an excuse to get out of duties closer to home. Having commitments elsewhere means you can avoid someone you aren’t getting on with.

Relationship problems will not be resolved by avoiding the one person you really need to talk to.


You’re having a few problems keeping on top of work and money matters. Friends might wonder what’s got into you.

You’d forget your head if it wasn’t fixed to your shoulders. When you have so much to do it isn’t surprising that you’re so forgetful.


A workmate or senior colleague is constantly pulling you down. Due to their treatment of you, your confidence has taken a battering.

Are you allowing a rival to cause you to lose sight of your goals? Don’t let them intimidate you. Determination will get results you can be proud of.


You’re so caught up in social commitments you’re starting to neglect the one person in your life who really matters.

You can’t overlook your partner or another loved one’s needs and not expect them to notice. Do something to correct this oversight before it’s too late.


You hadn’t expected to get so close to a goal you set for yourself as the year began. It has all felt too easy and you’re starting to wonder if something might go wrong.

Stay positive and hopeful. You have the confidence to go for what you really want.


Someone close is feeling down. They could do with your support, not your opposition. You might be feeling annoyed with them but if you don’t want to cause hostility or aggravation, you will need to make an extra effort to tone down words of criticism.


Changes you are making to your life are ambitious, unusual and dramatic. Someone close will object to what you are doing but that’s too bad.

You have given this a lot of thought and your mind is made up now. No one can stand in your way.


Emotionally, you need to feel secure in your relationships. Are you single? You long to forge an intimate bond with someone special.

If they don’t seem as interested, keen or dedicated, give them a chance. It’s a big step when a relationship grows more serious.

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