RTE Claire Byrne listeners hear Dublin expert reveals main causes of erectile dysfunction

A Dublin knowledgeable has damaged down the principle causes of erectile dysfunction, saying there are many choices for males to get handled.

It most frequently occurs when blood circulation within the penis is proscribed or nerves are harmed.

It will be resulting from psychological causes or will be an indicator of a extra critical sickness.

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Ivor Cullen, Consultant in Andrology and Urology at Blackrock Clinic stated about 50% of males over the age of fifty cope with erectile dysfunction.

He advised RTE’s Claire Byrne: “Erectile dysfunction is characterised by the persistent inability to achieve satisfactory erection for satisfactory sexual relations.

“I believe that idea of it being a persistent or steady drawback is the important thing differentiation in what will be regular variability in erectile operate and a medical drawback.

“Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem. It’s somewhere between up to 50% or so of people aged 50 and 70.

“Climbing larger to over 70% when a gentleman reaches over the age of 70.

“Probably about 1 in 4 people that I see at the moment with erectile dysfunction are under the age of 40.”

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Mr Cullen stated it may be attributable to psychological elements or be an indicator of a extra critical bodily drawback.

“Erections are a complex interplay of your brain, hormones, blood vessels, nerves and the penis muscle itself.

“Any drawback inside any of these parts can compromise erectile operate.

“One of the traditional differentiators is distinguishing between psychogenic erectile dysfunction and organic erectile dysfunction.

“Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is an issue the place, primarily a gentleman begins to expertise efficiency nervousness or anticipatory failure.

“This is particularly prevalent in younger men where they have a negative experience in regard to their erectile function.

“This triggers an exaggerated stress response within the male, resulting in a launch of adrenaline and noradrenaline that are very potent inhibitors of erectile operate.

“So psychogenic erectile dysfunction is often seen as a vicious cycle. Someone is worried about their erections, someone’s worried are they going to be able to perform, they get into this stress response and they’re not able to perform.”

Mr Cullen stated unhealthy life and smoking are main causes of the problem, however typically it may be an indication of a extra critical well being concern.

“A lot of the time, erectile dysfunction co-exists with other medical problems. In fact we often say erectile dysfunction is the canary in the coalmine for other serious issues.

“In fact, plenty of the time it is a blended image as a result of even when it is an natural or bodily drawback inflicting the erectile dysfunction, it will get right into a gentleman’s head.”

“Smoking is a giant drawback. The thought of erectile operate being linked with coronary coronary heart illness, unhealthy life and smoking could cause the blood vessels that present blood to the guts to change into diseased and narrowed and the exact same factor occurs within the penis itself.

“I would caution anyone who is beginning to experience new or progressive erectile dysfunction, that this may be an indicator that there is something more serious going on.”

He stated whereas he welcomes Viagra’s widespread availability, he nonetheless urges anybody who experiences new, progressive or persistent erectile dysfunction to hunt care.

Mr Cullen additionally reassured males that there are many choices accessible to these searching for therapy for erectile dysfunction, together with oral remedy, units and surgical procedure.

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