Poland raises stakes on Putin as Draghi goes to Washington

Poland is getting ready to lift the diplomatic stakes considerably towards Russian President Vladimir Putin by calling for the removing of the Black Sea Fleet from Ukraine as a situation for relieving crushing financial sanctions imposed on Russia for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Polish Ambassador to the US Marek Magierowski, interviewed by Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein on the Economic Club.

The new demand for the withdrawal of all Russian troops got here throughout an interview of Poland’s ambassador to the United States, Marek Magierowski, by Carlyle co-founder and co-chairman David Rubenstein of the Economic Club of Washington on April 20.

“I will give you some very specific conditions. These are not yet official, and this is my personal view. If we want to even start thinking about easing up those restrictions or lifting part of the sanctions, there are some obvious conditions,” Magierowski informed Rubenstein, including: “First of all, Russia has to withdraw all its troops, not just from Ukraine proper, but also from Crimea and all those territories that were annexed in 2014.”

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