New HGTV Show Sends Couple To Old Houses To Call Them Disgusting

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KNOXVILLE, TN—Calling the collection good for the cable community’s lineup of actual property and residential enchancment reveals, HGTV president Jane Latman introduced Monday the launch of a brand new program that sends a pair to outdated homes across the nation to name them disgusting. “Every week, our fun and engaging hosts Curt and Kelly will visit several different houses to point out to the owners how gross their homes are and how they can’t believe anyone could live in such a distasteful and repulsive place,” stated Latman, explaining that the present would be the first through which the community’s married hosts focus solely on simply how revolted they’re with the yard, the kitchen, and the colour of the home, whereas additionally mocking the householders for the way in which they stay. “Though they may not always agree on their exact level of disgust, Curt and Kelly will be sure to walk viewers through these homes while expressing horror at the nauseating lighting and contempt for the pathetic attempts at interior decor. There will be no buying, selling, renovations, makeovers, or even tips for how homeowners can improve their dump of a home, just the insults and humiliations that our network’s fans love.” Latman added that the brand new present Total Shitholes will likely be premiering subsequent Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern and seven p.m. Central on HGTV.

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