‘My partner is so lazy, he doesn’t do any housework and I’m starting to resent him’

A mum has admitted she’s starting to resent her partner because he doesn’t help her around the house – as he says he ‘contributes money’ so doesn’t need to do housework

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The mum says her partner refuses to lift a finger around the house (stock photo)

Striking the perfect balance between members of your household pulling their weight when it comes to housework can be tough – but most of us will at least do something to keep on top of the cleaning.

But one mum has found herself struggling to cope as her partner is “so lazy” he refuses to lift a finger to help her around the house.

The man claims he doesn’t need to do any housework because he “contributes money towards his living costs”.

Writing on a Netmums forum, the woman said: “Please tell me what your partners or husbands do around the house. Mine is so lazy and doesn’t think he should help with chores and housework because he contributes money towards his living costs!

The woman now ‘resents’ her man for his ‘lazy’ attitude (stock photo)


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“Technically the house is mine, the mortgage is in my name, and he moved in with myself and two children.

“He contributes towards his living costs and bills and thinks that he’s paying me to keep the house clean, food cooked, and washing done! No, that’s for your bills!”

The mum also confessed that she’s “starting to feel resentful” toward her partner for not doing more to help out around the house.

She added: “I just don’t know what to do now, and I’m starting to feel resentful that he doesn’t help out. He will literally sit there and watch me do housework, and then as I’m finishing, he will ask if I want anything doing. If I ask him to do stuff, I get the whole ‘Yeah in a minute’ thing so it never gets done, or he says, ‘I pay to live here!’”

Commenters on Netmums were quick to slam the man’s behaviour, with many describing him as a “lodger” rather than a partner.

One person said: “Seems like he’s a lodger rather than a partner. Rules need to be established sooner rather than later.”

While another wrote: “It sounds like rather than having a husband or partner, you have a lodger. He is someone who lives in your house and gets the benefits of having a roof over their head and their dinner cooked for them, all for a small contribution of money.”

And other commenters encouraged the mum to stop doing the housework so that her partner can see for himself how much work it takes to keep the house clean.

Someone posted: “Easy answer! Don’t wash his clothes, don’t cook his food. Let him do his own.”

As another also said: “I was in exactly the same situation, eventually I got up one day and announced I wasn’t lifting a finger for two weeks. And I stuck to it. No matter how dirty the house got, I just sat back and relaxed.

“Boy he had a shock when he realised how much work it takes on daily basis to keep the house clean and to keep everything going.”

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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