‘My in-laws visited 10 times in two weeks after birth – I’m scared it’ll happen again’

A mom says she’s ‘terrified’ her in-laws will always go to her after she provides start, similar to they did together with her first new child – regardless of her battling a ‘extreme case of the child blues’

The soon-to-be mom of two says she ‘felt very alone and like nobody understood or supported’ her

A soon-to-be mother-of-two has confessed she’s scared her in-laws will return to their previous antics after her child is born.

The nameless girl took to Mumsnet to elucidate how her husband’s mother and father visited their home to see their grandchild a whopping 10 instances in the course of the first two weeks of the child’s life.

During this time, the mum was battling breastfeeding and the ‘child blues’ and ended up later being identified with post-natal despair.

Understandably, she struggled to play hostess to her in-laws throughout this time and it impacted their relationship.

“I wasn’t able to always put a happy face on when they’d come round and openly ask how it was going with the feeding etc. and this made me look bad to them,” she wrote.

The nameless girl says she nonetheless hasn’t forgiven her husband for permitting her in-laws to go to a lot


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“My father in law even made some comments that life is too short to always be so miserable. I’ll never know if it was directed at me. But in my mental state, it was”.

Now, the apprehensive mum is because of give start for the second time in a couple of weeks and says she is ‘terrified’ that their fixed visiting will occur once more.

“My husband also insisted his other family members came round at around three weeks post-birth last time. But I also didn’t want them to come yet and wasn’t ready,” she defined.

“It was really really a hard time for me. I was devastated constantly and I felt very alone and like no one understood or supported me. Even my mum was around and said that I had to let the in-laws come over because you can’t say no and it’s rude and I’ll come across badly”.

The nameless person stated her in-laws expressed how that they had felt unwelcome in her home attributable to her ‘angle’, however explains how her ‘hormones had been in all places’ and that she was ‘devastated’ over not with the ability to breastfeed.

She continues: “I’ve never forgiven my husband for this… I want him to have a word with them before the birth, that I will need space in my home from them and that they shouldn’t take it personally. I’m very worried he will not stick up for me.

“My mum shall be right here to assist me and I additionally advised her that she must help me. She’s the form of one that does not perceive why I cried a lot and so forth as a result of she did not really feel that method. So it is onerous to get by means of to her. I believe she thinks I’m only a bit pathetic. I’ll simply must be my very own advocate if nobody else helps me this time, I suppose.

The publish attracted a whole bunch of feedback from outraged mother and father, who provided sympathy for the mom’s scenario and branded the in-laws ‘egocentric’.

One person wrote: “I’m sorry to hear all of that. I have quite a laid back partner who doesn’t speak up for himself with his parents too. I learnt the hard way to set boundaries, and not to care what people think as my mental health is a priority. As is yours.

“The first few weeks are valuable and if you recognize from earlier expertise that your physique wants the remainder to breastfeed and be together with your baby- that’s your choice”.

Another said: “Sorry to listen to you had such a tricky time and that was not helped with all of them coming over on a regular basis and making snidey feedback.

“I would say straight out to them face to face if you can or if not send them a nice calm email saying that you will need a few weeks to bond with the baby and to get into a routine as last time it was all too much and how it is nothing personal at all and tell your husband he has to support you”.

Who do you assume is within the incorrect? Let us know your ideas within the feedback part under.

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