Mum-of-10 shares look at weekly shop that costs over £700 and fills two trolleys

Alicia Dougherty has revealed exactly how much it takes to feed her family of 12 for a week, as she said she spends more than £700 on meat, fruit and veg and snacks

A picture of Alicia's trolley filled with food to the point of it overflowing.
Alicia filled two trolleys with food to feed her family for a week

With the cost of living rising, weekly food shops for the family can be expensive no matter how many mouths you need to feed.

But for one mum in the US, it can cost an eye-watering $1000 (£728) every single week to stock up on enough food and other household items for herself, her husband, and their 10 children, The Sun reports.

Alicia Dougherty, who posts on TikTok under the username @doughertydozen, recently shared a video in which she took followers on a shopping trip to prove just how much she buys each week.

The video, which was filmed inside a BJ’s Wholesale Club store, saw Alicia and her daughter Zoey pick up items including grapes, apples, oranges, six-packs of grated cheese, two family packs of toilet rolls, hot dog sausages, a large pack of beef mince and several large boxes of biscuits and cookies.

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Alicia said in the clip: “Weekly grocery shopping for my family of 12. I brought Zoey along to help me.

“Today we needed paper towels and toilet paper, I grabbed a few birthday presents for Dash, drinks and a whole cart of fresh produce.

“I also got some cheese, yogurts, frozen products, meat products, some baking ingredients, boxed and canned items, and snacky snacks.”

Despite the mammoth cost at the end of her shop, the mum-of-10 still didn’t get everything she needed for the week.

Her shop came to a staggering $1007 (£728) without even getting all the things she needed



She added: “The store didn’t have everything I needed, so I’ll have to go to a different store tomorrow for the rest.”

The mum and her daughter then took their shopping – which completely filled two trolleys – to the self-service checkout to scan it all through, with their total coming to a staggering $1007.

Alicia said: “They only had self-checkout open. Cashiers are not given enough credit. That’s it for today – see you next time!”

And commenters on the video – which has over 492,000 views – couldn’t believe how much the mum spends every week.

One person wrote: “Damn. $1000 for groceries and it still didn’t have things you need.”

But others actually thought the total was fairly priced, as the $1000 total covered 99 different items that the family had purchased.

Someone said: “1,007 dollars for 99 items? That’s awesome. I wish it were that cheap here.”

As someone else added: “She has a family of 12 … I spend $250 every two weeks in a family of four. Her pricing isn’t bad at all.”

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