More than half of Irish men seeking treatment for hair loss online in 2021 were aged 18 to 35

Hair loss was the most requested treatment for men in 2021, according to data from one online doctors service.

Other issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation also saw a surge over the past year.

While hair loss would be generally associated with older men, found that 65% of patients looking for help in regards to losing their hair were actually between the ages of 18 and 35.

Dr Christina Mulvany, who works as a GP in the midlands as well as part-time for the site, said: “You get different consults online than in the practice and hair loss is one that, to be honest, I almost never get in the practice.”

This may partially account for why the number is so high, as it’s “handier” and “more comfortable” to inquire about the problem online.

Hair loss can happen for lots of different reasons, according to Mulvany, and the pandemic may have accelerated it for some.

She said: “You can see it with stress, and you can also see it with illness.

“Everything around Covid, I feel like the whole world is stressed. That’s probably having an effect.

“Also, post-Covid, they’re finding an uptick in having hair loss issues as well, so perhaps some of these people who are getting in touch are post-Covid.”

Losing hair is also a “natural” part of ageing and 18-35 is the stage in life that men might just become aware of it.

Mulvany said: “When you’re 50 and the hair loss is at a certain point, you’re probably not going to pass much remarks on it, but that’s the initial age where you are going to start noticing it and are probably like, ‘Ok, I need to do something about it before it gets too bad.’”

The overall ease is another reason why Mulvany said that men may choose to do it online rather than in person. On this particular website, they just need to fill in a form at a time that suits them to get the ball rolling.

Based on the questionnaire, medication could be prescribed to those who may be seeing the common male-pattern baldness. If the doctor working on the case feels it could be something else, they may ask the patient to do a video call with them to discuss it further.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction were alongside hair loss in the top three treatments for male patients.

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