Mind Lab Pro Review 2022: Coupons, Pros and Cons, Ingredients, Side Effects, and Where to Buy

Natural nootropic dietary supplements are a superb approach to improve total mind well being. One in style choice is Mind Pro Lab, which is formulated to supply short-term and long-term advantages equivalent to improved focus and reminiscence.

Here’s our in-depth overview of the Mind Lab Pro dietary nootropic complement to see if the product is as efficient because it claims to be.

Mind Lab Pro Review: Overview

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Mind Lab Pro is a 100% pure nootropic complement that works on varied mind pathways to boost mind exercise and optimize cognitive perform. The complement claims to extend focus, focus, reminiscence, mind vitality, and creativity no matter what you’re doing.


  • Safe and authorized.
  • 30-day money-back assure.
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free nootropic complement.
  • Discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Third-party examined for efficacy.


  • Pricier than different nootropics.
  • Only obtainable on the official web site.

Side Effects:

  • Mild abdomen discomfort.
  • Vomiting.
  • Insomnia.


While Mind Lab Pro is mostly protected to take, it might work together with different dietary supplements or remedy. If you have got a medical situation or are taking remedy, speak to your physician earlier than beginning Mind Lab Pro.

Lion’s mane mushroom ought to be averted in case you are on remedy for diabetes or blood clotting. You could favor to strive different nootropic dietary supplements like NooCube or Brain Pill.

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What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a “universal nootropic” manufactured by Opti-Nutra, made with clinically studied substances. The complement goals to offer customers enhanced reminiscence, studying, temper, focus, focus, motivation, mind safety, and mind vitality.

The model claims Mind Lab Pro additionally reduces psychological fatigue and stress attributable to growing old and toxins. The complement is likely one of the most clinically confirmed and researched nootropics.

It has 100% pure, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and natural substances. It’s additionally freed from preservatives and components.

Mind Lab Pro comes extremely really useful by customers, and you should buy it over-the-counter.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro method aside boasts 11 scientifically-proven substances that safely assist mind well being.

The pure substances work collectively to create a complete good drug that guarantees to enhance cognitive perform.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients.jpg

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Many individuals think about this pure nootropic a superfood that enhances mind perform. Research reveals it gives important enhancements in cognitive capabilities. It may shield in opposition to cognitive decline [1].

Organic lion’s mane mushroom could shield in opposition to dementia, cut back gentle signs of melancholy and nervousness, and enhance the immune system. It has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It might also cut back the chance of ulcers, most cancers, and coronary heart illness, and handle signs of diabetes [2].


Citicoline is a vital ingredient with a capability to spice up mind vitality ranges and psychological efficiency. Scientific analysis means that citicoline can assist improve focus, focus, and reminiscence whereas serving to stability and enhance your temper [3].

Using citicoline for a very long time may assist keep and even enhance mind capabilities as you age [4].

This ingredient might also assist enhance age-related reminiscence loss, assist stroke sufferers recuperate, and enhance imaginative and prescient in people with glaucoma. It’s usually taken to deal with Parkinson’s illness, Alzheimer’s illness, bipolar dysfunction, and different mind problems [5].


Plant-based phosphatidylserine (PS) could assist enhance reminiscence in individuals affected by age-related psychological decline and reminiscence loss. Moreover, it would promote psychological readability and optimistic pondering.

PS is run to assist deal with Alzheimer’s illness, dementia, decreased reasoning expertise and reminiscence loss. However, extra analysis should be carried out to again up most of those advantages [6].

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Bacopa Monnieri

Mind Lab Pro’s skill to extend reminiscence retention is due to Bacopa monnieri. Studies recommend that this pure nootropic could enhance psychological processing velocity and cut back response time. It might also delay the speed of knowledge loss from new information or long-term reminiscence [7].

Many over-the-counter nootropics comprise Bacopa monnieri for a great purpose. The ingredient has been confirmed to considerably enhance verbal studying and reminiscence acquisition [8].

Bacopa regulates the quantity of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin neurotransmitters. Imbalances of those chemical substances are related with melancholy and nervousness. It additionally helps deal with ADHD, lowers blood strain and irritation, and reduces mind stress [9].

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

This nootropic ingredient contributes to enhanced cognitive efficiency when sleep-deprived, exhausted, or beneath extreme stress. L-tyrosine boosts working reminiscence whereas enhancing psychological efficiency and battling psychological fatigue [10] [11].

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

There are many potential nootropic advantages related to maritime pine bark extract. These embrace boosting psychological vitality, enhancing short-term focus, and growing consideration span. It might also improve spatial reminiscence [12].


L-theanine is likely one of the world’s hottest natural nootropic dietary supplements. It’s extremely efficient when alongside different boosters of cognitive capabilities.

This distinctive ingredient helps sharpen focus and a focus span whereas additionally bringing a relaxing impact. For this purpose, L-theanine is broadly acknowledged for combining completely with caffeine. Many individuals additionally report that L-theanine presents inventive advantages [13].

Rhodiola Rosea

There are many cognitive advantages linked with Rhodiola Rosea, equivalent to boosting psychological vitality [14]. The ingredient is a robust psychological efficiency booster and might also enhance studying and reminiscence perform [15].

Vitamin B6, B9, and B12

B nutritional vitamins assist the mind’s temper stability vitamins to alleviate mind fog. They additionally promote a wholesome circulate of blood to the mind and should present long-term advantages for mind well being.

In explicit, vitamin B6 can assist stop lowered mind perform by decreasing excessive ranges of homocysteine. This compound is related to reminiscence loss and Alzheimer’s illness.

Vitamin B6 may assist deal with PMS signs, together with irritability, nervousness, and melancholy [16].

Vitamin B9 additionally helps in enhancing cognitive perform in people with psychological impairment.

Finally, vitamin B12 helps keep wholesome crimson blood cells and nerve cells, and might also assist enhance reminiscence retention.

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Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

Most customers of Mind Lab Pro report higher mind well being and improved cognitive skills. The complement ensures that your mind by no means lacks any very important vitamins it requires to perform at its peak.

It works by:

Enhancing Working Memory

Your short-term and long-term reminiscence may be very carefully linked. Some Mind Lab Pro substances work to boost pathways for each, to optimize reminiscence and recall.

Stimulating Nerve Growth Factor

Your mind makes use of neurons and nerves to transmit alerts to and out of your complete physique. By stimulating the manufacturing of nerve progress issue, the Mind Pro Lab substances can encourage mind regeneration, making it able to functioning extra effectively.

Enhancing Cerebral Vasodilation

Some Mind Pro Lab substances work to widen your mind’s blood vessels, boosting the circulate of blood to the mind. Increased cerebral blood circulate means extra oxygen is equipped to the mind, too. Sufficient mind circulation means your mind can perform at peak ranges.

Increases Neurotransmitter Activity

The neurotransmitters contained in the human mind decide your velocity of thought and the event of working reminiscence.

When the first transmitters are extremely energetic, these processes work a lot better. The substances in Mind Pro Lab work to stimulate your mind’s main neurotransmitters and improve their exercise fee.

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Mind Lab Pro Benefits

Mind Lab Pro presents quite a few cognitive perform advantages that will assist your mind carry out at peak ranges no matter your age.

Regulates Brain Waves and Increases Focus

Depending on how you are taking the complement, you may anticipate a greater concentrate on any job you have got lined up for about six to eight hours. The Mind Lab Pro method boosts alpha mind waves that will help you keep calm however alert, optimum for productiveness, studying, and creativity.

Improves Energy Levels

While Mind Lab Pro doesn’t comprise any stimulants, it will possibly enhance vitality ranges in your mind naturally. This nootropic complement helps wholesome blood circulate to your nervous system, guaranteeing that every one mind cells obtain sufficient oxygen and vitamins by mind cell membranes.

The product boosts the mitochondrial perform of mind cells to supply vitality successfully. Also, Opti-Nutra claims that it will possibly assist your mind multitask with out getting exhausted.

Boosts Memory

Mind Lab Pro is likely to be the right good capsule for college students, due to its distinctive capability to enhance all elements of reminiscence. That contains short-term reminiscence and knowledge recall, that are each important should you’re learning for assessments.

It comprises substances like Bacopa monnieri, citicoline, and phosphatidylserine. Bacopa monnieri helps decrease nervousness and improve response instances, whereas citicoline helps to enhance reminiscence retention and recall. Finally, phosphatidylserine can assist improve cognitive functioning [17].

Enhances Mood

Mind Lab Pro will assist elevate your temper whereas treating varied psychological well being issues, together with nervousness, stress, and melancholy. Taking this complement might also enhance your sleep high quality, which is able to enhance your mind’s efficiency ranges.

Some of the substances, equivalent to lion’s mane mushroom and L-theanine, can enhance your psychological processing velocity. Another helpful impact is lowered nervousness.

Kick-Starts Motivation

Energy and motivation are very important for enhancing creativity. People with low motivation normally wrestle to appreciate their full potential. Mind Lab Pro boosts motivation by a wide range of mechanisms, detailed above.

The complement stimulates dopamine manufacturing, which elevates motivation. The product additionally comprises N-acetyl L-tyrosine and vitamin B9, which stability out mind chemical substances and halt mind degeneration.

Has Neuroprotective Capacities

Mind Lab Pro could shield your mind from cognitive decline that happens because of oxidative stress attributable to free radicals — molecules present in all cells all through the physique.

This product comprises antioxidants that assist shield the mind’s neurons from chemical or bodily damage.

Supports Brain Regeneration

Using Mind Lab Pro could assist with mind cell creation throughout neuroregeneration. This could assist to nourish, keep, and restore broken mind cells for wholesome progress.

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How to Take Mind Lab Pro

It’s really useful that you just take two capsules day by day within the morning or early afternoon. In instances of elevated demand for cognitive skills, like a busy workday or examination, you may take as much as 4 capsules day by day. Don’t take over 4 capsules inside 24 hours.

Potential Side Effects of Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is basically thought of protected to take, however over-the-counter nootropics have substances identified to trigger gentle negative effects.

For occasion, phosphatidylserine may trigger belching, acid reflux disorder, and abdomen upset [18]. Bacopa monnieri could trigger digestive results equivalent to nausea and belly cramps [19].

The product is really useful for people aged 18 and over. Consult your physician earlier than taking the complement to be on the protected aspect.


Avoid Mind Lab Pro should you’ve received a identified hypersensitivity or allergy to one among its substances.

The complement could work together with different pure dietary supplements or remedy. If you have got a medical situation or are taking remedy, communicate together with your doctor earlier than beginning Mind Lab Pro.

Avoid lion’s mane mushroom in case you are on diabetes or blood clotting remedy for diabetes or blood clotting. There are different nootropic dietary supplements with out this ingredient, together with NooCube and Brain Pill.

Mind Lab Pro Reviews: What Are People Saying?

Most critiques about Mind Lab Pro are optimistic, with customers experiencing a lift in productiveness and focus. The not-so-good consumer opinions about this pure nootropic are sometimes that it’s too costly or not efficient.

Trust Pilot Reviews

Review 1.jpg

Review 3.jpg

Review 4.jpg

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Mind Lab Pro vs. Adderall

Available by prescription, Adderall is a drug that helps deal with ADHD and different problems. By affecting the mind’s chemical substances, it improves focus and reduces impulsivity.

In distinction, Mind Lab Pro is an natural nootropic that gives your mind with the vitamins it must carry out at its peak. Mind Pro Lab is a safer different with fewer negative effects that may assist deal with ADHD.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Modafinil

While Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic complement obtainable over-the-counter, Modafinil is a pharmaceutical prescription drug.

However, they each stimulate your central nervous system, together with the mind. While Mind Lab Pro doesn’t trigger any extreme negative effects resulting from its pure substances, Modafinil is an artificial drug that will trigger gentle to extreme negative effects.

Where Can I Buy Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro’s capsules are solely obtainable on the product’s official web site. Opti-Nutra claims that purchases are protected and safe, guaranteeing that you just don’t danger dropping your knowledge.

Buying this product instantly from the official web site ensures that you just get a dependable complement and luxuriate in nice reductions.

Cost and Pricing

Mind Lab Pro’s official web site presents three totally different packages, relying in your wants:

  • A one-month package deal prices $69.
  • A two-month package deal prices $138.
  • A four-month package deal prices $207.

All packages supply free delivery, and there’s the choice to return your package deal inside 30 days if it doesn’t meet your wants.

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What Are Alternatives to Mind Lab Pro?

There are a number of efficient alternate options to Mind Lab Pro. Here’s how these over-the-counter and pharmaceuticals evaluate to Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain.jpg

While Alpha Brain provides its customers prompt vitality, focus, and focus enhance in intervals of intense cognitive calls for, Mind Lab Pro helps its customers keep focus all day lengthy and make higher selections.

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Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia Mind

Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia Mind.jpg

Mind Pro Lab comprises a potent mixture of pure substances that assist enhance psychological agility and focus. On the opposite hand, Qualia Mind is designed to enhance focus and focus in its customers.

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Mind Lab Pro vs. Brain Pill

Mind Lab Pro vs Brain Pill.jpg

While Brain Pill has related substances as Mind Pro Lab, the latter is supported by largely optimistic buyer critiques and medical analysis. This signifies that Mind Lab Pro is extra more likely to trigger optimistic results than Brain Pill.

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Mind Lab Pro vs. NooCube

Noocube vs Mind Lab Pro.jpg

Both good medicine comprise related substances and have the identical effectiveness. If you need an affordable, fast, and efficient nootropic, you need to strive NooCube.

On the opposite hand, if you would like a premium-quality nootropic containing a greater variety of substances, you need to go for Mind Lab Pro.

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Here are some generally requested questions on this all-natural common nootropic.

Is Mind Lab Pro Worth It?

Depending in your necessities, the cognitive advantages you see could very nicely be price your cash. Most customers report that they expertise speedy enchancment of their cognitive well being inside hours of taking two doses of the complement.

Is Mind Lab Pro a Legitimate Product?

Yes, it’s professional. Thanks to its trusted producer and 100% pure substances, the cognitive well being complement is authorized and protected.

Is Mind Lab Pro FDA Approved?

Nootropics are classed as dietary dietary supplements by the FDA and don’t require FDA approval to be offered over-the-counter. However, all its substances are authorised globally and adjust to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) requirements.

How Do I Take Mind Lab Pro?

It’s really useful to take two capsules a day together with a nutritious diet. Take one within the morning and the opposite at lunchtime to get probably the most out of it through the peak hours of the day.

Does Mind Lab Pro Work Immediately?

No, it takes two to a few weeks of standard consumption to see outcomes. It’s really useful to commonly take this complement for a month to evaluate its results.

What Are the Side Effects of Mind Lab Pro?

While the producer claims that this product is unlikely to trigger discomfort, some customers can expertise negative effects after taking it. These embrace gentle abdomen discomfort, vomiting, nausea, mind fog, and a gentle headache.

Final Verdict: Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro is an all-natural nootropic complement that works to spice up a number of mind pathways. It’s designed to enhance psychological vitality, reminiscence, focus, nerve well being, and the mind’s skill to remain alert.

In addition to enhancing long run mind well being and performance, it additionally controls mood-lifting mind chemical substances selling optimum mind chemistry.

Finally, it’s essential to notice that Mind Lab Pro could take some time to supply results in some individuals. Therefore, you need to take the complement for a minimum of a month to gauge its effectiveness.

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