Meghan Markle says lobbying of US lawmakers using royal title isn’t ‘political’

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, opened up on a range of issues in her first in-person interview since she and Prince Harry’s bombshell tell-all with Oprah Winfrey

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle discussed a wide range of topics in the interview

Meghan Markle has denied playing politics with her royal title by calling for paid family leave for all, which she calls a ‘humanitarian issue’, in a new interview.

The Duchess of Sussex opened up on a range of issues in her first in-person interview since she and Prince Harry’s tell-all on the Oprah Winfrey show in March.

Speaking to host Andrew Ross Sorkin, she said stepping back from royal duties has lead to an improvement in her mental health.

Mr Sorkin said there was a “moment when a lot of the world” was concerned and wondering about the comments she made.

The Duchess replied: “I’m feeling much better about everything, thank you.”

She appeared with host Andrew Ross Sorkin

She also addressed accusations she had used her royal title to call for paid maternity leave, with royal courtiers branding her interventions as ‘outrageous’.

She said: “I don’t see this as a political issue frankly. There is a precedent among my husband’s family, the royal family, of not having any involvement in politics. From my standpoint, this is a humanitarian issue.

“My husband has always said with great privilege comes great responsibility and before I had any kind of privilege, I always stood up for what was right. I’ve been gone from the US for a really long time, I was in Canada for seven years then I went to the UK. I’ve come back and I’m a mother of two.

“The US is one of only six countries in the world that didn’t offer any kind of paid national level. I said ‘let me put pen to paper and make some calls’. To me it seems like a really logical and obvious thing to do.”

She added that lawmakers were often ‘surprised’ to hear from her but were receptive.

She said: “I still see myself as the same as I have always been. I’ve always been a hard worker, people that know me well some of whom are here today know that, I’ve just always been the same.”

Elsewhere in the interview the ex-royal spoke of having to cut out coupons as a youngster, her time working as a waitress.

Meghan, clad in an all-black outfit, wore a Remembrance poppy as she was questioned for the New York Times’ DealBook summit.

She also spoke about social media and highlighted the fact that Instagram has a like button and ability to comment, but not a ‘dislike’ option.

As a consequence, people either express their approval by hitting ‘like’, or explain their negative feelings in the comments.

A ‘dislike’ button would lead to less negative, angry comments, Meghan said.

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