Man urged to divorce wife after she outed their daughter at Christmas dinner table

A man has asked for some advice after his wife outed their teenage daughter’s sexuality to all their relatives in front of her at the Christmas dinner table, causing much upset

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Christmas dinner didn’t go as planned (stock photo)

Breaking a child’s trust can have disastrous consequences down the line, as they may stop telling you things altogether.

This is the situation one mum faces, after announcing her daughter’s sexuality against her wishes at the Christmas dinner table.

The woman’s husband has taken to Reddit to ask for some much-needed advice on the difficult situation and has been urged by many people to get a divorce.

In a post on the Am I The A**hole forum, the unnamed dad told how their 15-year-old daughter had come out to them as bisexual and asked them to keep it a secret, as she wasn’t ready to tell anyone else.

He claims his wife outed their daughter during the meal (stock photo)


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He wrote: “Our daughter came out to us that she was bisexual and was attracted to one of her friends. She told us that she did not want to tell anyone else in the family. I let her know that I would always be supportive of her relationships and wanted her to be happy. My wife has been having trouble accepting the thought of our daughter dating girls.

“We were asked to host Christmas this year and all of my wife’s family came to visit. My parents came and my brother and SIL with their two kids.

“During dinner, everyone was talking about new things that were happening with their lives and my wife asked if everyone would be supportive of a gay relationship. My family was quite supportive of everything and kept quiet. My wife’s parents and sister made some small comments as they are very religious and old fashioned.

“My wife then tells everyone my daughter’s big news that she was bisexual.”

This sparked outrage from the wife’s family who thought the teen should be sent to a “conversion camp”.

The dad then says the daughter left the table and spent the rest of the night in her room.

When the rest of the family finally left, he claims he yelled at his wife for outing their daughter in front of everyone – but she didn’t see an issue with what she had done.

“My wife yelled back that she couldn’t contain the secret and wanted the family to be aware. The fighting went on for the rest of the evening until my wife told me I was sleeping on the couch. I will be sleeping on the couch for the night and will talk to my daughter in the morning,” he added.

Hundreds of people responded to the post, with one saying: “Your wife is 100% the a**hole. She literally did something your daughter asked her not to do. ON so many levels this is a breach of trust and potentially the start of a strained mother-daughter relationship. You were in the right.”

Another commented: “For me, this is divorce material. Her mother just broke her trust in such a big way she will never and I mean never, trust her again. My mother told every secret I ever told her to the point that I don’t ever tell her anything anymore. Not even that I got fast food. She still outs me to everyone she meets like my queerness has to be public knowledge.

“The daughter’s entire life just changed. She just lost family because of her own homophobic mother. There’s not ‘potentially’ she absolutely destroyed her relationship with her daughter.”

Someone else replied: “If my wife did that to our daughter (she wouldn’t) I would be filing for divorce first thing in the morning (and she would deserve it).”

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