Man gets revenge after siblings demand expensive Christmas gifts for their kids

A man on Reddit has revealed he’s come up with the perfect plan to punish his ‘entitled’ siblings after they asked him to buy their children pricey presents for Christmas

Two children giving Christmas presents while wearing protective face masks
The man was ordered to buy pricey presents for his nieces and nephews (stock image)

Christmas shouldn’t be about how much money you spend, but some people still revel in the materialistic side of the holiday.

And one man on Reddit has decided to hit back after his siblings “ordered” him and his wife to splash the cash on their kids – by getting them presents that would irritate their “entitled” parents.

The man said his siblings seem to think he’s “well off” and can afford pricey presents, so he’s spending money on gifts including “gooey slime” and Nerf guns to teach them a lesson about demanding presents.

He wrote: “So my brothers and sisters basically ordered me and my wife to buy their children (our nieces and nephews) expensive gifts for Christmas because, according to them, we are ‘well off’.

He chose to get revenge by buying messy gifts (stock image)


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“We’re not really – we’re just financially responsible. But since they asked for it, and it’s already on the budget, we decided to be vindictive this year.”

The man went on to list the items he’s buying his nieces and nephews, which include:

  • 5 tubs of Play Dough
  • 5kgs of Multi-coloured Kinetic Sand
  • 5 tubs of gooey slime
  • 5 packs of easy fill Water Balloons
  • Age-appropriate Nerf gun and safety glasses

He reasoned that he would be getting the youngsters gifts that “stick to everything” or “gets everywhere” so that their parents would be responsible for cleaning it up.

He then added: “This should be a fun Christmas.”

The man’s post received more than 3,600 comments – and people were quick to add their own gift ideas into the mix.

One person said: “Buy stickers online. Look for the ones with terrible reviews because they’re not peeling off again.”

While another added: “Need something that makes loud noise on that list. My favourite was a fireman’s helmet with a siren on it. Good luck.”

And a third suggested: “May I recommend glitter? It gets everywhere.”

But the man shut down the idea of anything noisy, as he said some of his family members work late nights as nurses – and he isn’t that cruel.

He added in an update to his post: “For those suggesting a drum set or noisemakers, I left them out intentionally. It would be a bad idea since my sisters work nights at the hospital.

“I don’t want them to lose sleep during the day and affect their jobs at night when lives are at stake. Sleep is important, you don’t mess with it.

“For those saying that these are not at all expensive, exactly! You demand someone expensive gifts; you get cheap and annoying ones instead.

“But will the children care? No. they’ll think it’s the best Christmas ever.”

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