Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha candidly opens up on humiliation suffered on drama set

Nadia Sawalha spoke to her Loose Women co-panellists about the time a director made her feel feel as though she ‘had no voice’

Nadia Sawalha spoke about the incident on Loose Women
Nadia Sawalha spoke about the incident on Loose Women

Nadia Sawalha has opened up on the humiliation she suffered on the set of a huge TV drama series.

The Loose Women star, 57, admitted the discussion with a director on the set of the unnamed show made her feel like she “had no voice”.

Speaking to her fellow panellists on the ITV lunchtime show, Nadia said: “I remember one particular big TV drama I was on and I hadn’t realised I had to do a swimsuit scene and was absolutely frantic when I got there on the day.

“There was all these swimsuits and I was in tears – might add I was 9st 3lbs at the time – but was panic-stricken about cellulite, I was too fat, it was so embarrassing…

Nadia admitted she was self conscious about a scene


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“I broke down to the wardrobe woman, who was just lovely, really auntie-like, and she went ‘I’ll go and talk to the director’.

“She came back and said ‘they’re going to allow you a very tiny sarong’.

She confessed she agreed to this as she thought the director understood her fears and was on board with her.

However, she admitted it didn’t go as expected.

“So I had to walk all the way down these stairs, with a camera above me, with all these actors around, a very misogynistic kind of atmosphere.

“I came down the stairs thinking ‘I’ve done it’ and the director said at the top of his voice ‘if you don’t want me to shoot your cellulite, give me more t**s and teeth’.

“And he made me go up and down those stairs over and over again to do that shot.”

Nadia’s co-star Jane Moore admitted that the only saving grace is that would not happen in today’s world as the actress wouldn’t have put up with it.

Nadia agreed, adding: “No. But I had nowhere. I had no voice.”

Nadia rose to fame on EastEnders – there was no suggestion that was the series she was talking about



Nadia’s first major role on TV was on BBC’s EastEnders as she played the role of Annie Palmer. There was no suggestion that the long-running soap was the drama she was referring to.

Earlier this month she posed topless with tiny bits of tape covering her boobs as she jokingly copied Kendall Jenner.

She shared her interpretation of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians dress with her 490,000 followers on Instagram, joking that Kendall was “copying” her fashion sense.

The photo showed Nadia posing in a mirror, side-by-side to a selfie taken in the original outfit by Kendall, with much of their upper bodies exposed through the cut-out dress.

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