Kell Brook admits he could come in overweight for Amir Khan fight

Brook and Khan are set to face a six-figure fine if they weigh in over the agreed 149lb limit, and Brook has now admitted that he could weigh in over the limit to regain an advantage

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Amir Khan and Kell Brook face off for the first time

Kell Brook has admitted he could weigh in over the catchweight limit and pay a hefty fine ahead of his clash with Amir Khan.

The pair have agreed to meet at a catchweight of 149lbs, two pounds above the welterweight limit Brook struggled to make in his prime.

Former world champion Johnny Nelson yesterday claimed Brook could deliberately scale above the limit to gain an advantage in the ring – even though he would be fined £100,000 for every pound he was heavy.

And Brook himself has now claimed he could be playing “games” with the weight ahead of the clash and has admitted he would rather have staged the fight at a more “natural” limit.

“He has boxed Canelo at a higher weight and I have boxed Golovkin at a higher weight,” Brook said during today’s press conference. “We are both older it should have been more of a natural weight.

Kell Brook’s weight has been a huge talking point ahead of facing Amir Khan



“He has obviously done this to put me in a position where I am at a disadvantage, but I am going to make them demands and I might even come in over weight tomorrow we will see. But the bottom line is we are going to face off and see who the top dog is.”

Brook later added: “It got a bit spiteful but listen the talking is done now but we have the weigh-in. I’m doing fine you are going to have to wait and see if I come in at 149. I might be playing games I might not you will have to wait and see.

“You can blame Johnny Nelson for this, I heard Johnny talking the other day so it planted it in my mind so he can take the blame.”

The Sheffield star fought at welterweight in his most recent bout against Terence Crawford while also making the tough weight cut for his clash with Errol Spence.

However it is known that Brook prefers to fight at around 154lbs and has had to work hard during a warm-weather camp in Fuerteventura to meet the stipulation.

Who will secure the bragging rights this weekend – Amir Khan or Kell Brook? Let us know in the comments section below

Khan and Brook managed to settle on the weight by creating the six-figure financial penalty, after several years of failed talks and near misses with settling their rivalry.

However Nelson believes that Brook should just “pay the fine” in order to double bluff his opponent on the night and generate panic in Khan’s camp.

“That is what they have got to go for,” Nelson said to Sky Sports. “I believe that is what they are going to go for.

“But speaking about this weight issue, if it is tight pay the fine. They have to pay the fine because it is one or the other.

“If you come in a couple of pounds over the fight is going to go on because he would have double bluffed him. If you are going to squeeze me down for this I will come in over the weight and pay the fine.

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