Jake Paul hits out at “b****” Jorge Masvidal for “ambushing” Colby Covington

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul has had a long-running feud with UFC star Masvidal, and blasted the previous welterweight title contender for his half in an altercation with rival Covington

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Jake Paul has slammed Jorge Masvidal as a “b***” after his alleged involvement in a restaurant incident with rival Colby Covington in Florida final night time.

The former UFC welterweight title contender was crushed in dominant style over 5 rounds by Covington once they met within the octagon earlier this month at UFC 272. And he allegedly went in search of his rival at a Miami restaurant when his former pal was having a meal with YouTube stars ‘the Nelk Boys’.

Paul and Masvidal have additionally shared a bitter rivalry over the previous yr, regardless of initially seeming to be pleasant after a coaching session final January, with the YouTuber even insulting him on his Dana White diss monitor.

And he tweeted: “Masvidal is a b**** for ambushing Colby,” Paul stated in his tweet in regards to the incident. “Couldn’t hurt him in the cage so try to blindside him?” Many followers agreed with the sentiment, with one replying: “Covington is the better fighter and Masvidal just can’t handle that fact.”

A video obtained by TMZ confirmed police on the scene in addition to Covington saying: “He’s over here swinging, trying to come at me, and I ran. How would he know I’m here?” Masvidal later took to social media to seemingly accuse his rival of working. “You talk that s***, you got to back it up. That’s how my city rolls, man.”

Paul has beforehand indicated that he could be keen to battle Masvidal, even providing a deal to UFC boss White the place he would tackle his rival within the octagon in trade for enhancements to fighter pay. He advised White in a social media put up earlier this yr: “Dana, my one-fight deal, I will fight for $50K, the new minimum [fighters are currently paid $12,000 on a first-time contract]. You make millions off of me and all of UFC fighters benefit from the new minimum rev share and healthcare.”

Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal have been as soon as buddies



Meanwhile, Masvidal claims that Paul turned down a proposal to battle him after the pair’s relationship went south. He believes the YouTube star ought to have to return to the UFC given that he’s the larger draw, and says that Paul wasn’t all for making the change occur and agreeing to a battle.

“Why the f*** would I battle Jake Paul in boxing?” Masvidal requested DAZN News. “Look at his last pay-per-view [his rematch with Tyron Woodley]. It generated little buys – my fights generate fantastic numbers. His, not so much.”

“He offered me $5m to come to box him,” Masvidal stated. “I make more than that in the UFC, so why would I go fight him for that? He’s got no money to offer me. After that horrible offer, me and my team made him and his team an offer to come fight me in the UFC. A one-fight deal in the UFC. I beat his a**, humble him so bad that he never fights in boxing ever again.”

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