It gets emotional for new participants 

It’s week two at the Operation Transformation studio in Mullagh, Co Cavan, and what a week our five new participants have had. After an emotional debut, Kathleen, Stefano, Sarah, John, and Katie are officially seven days into their new plans.

In Co Kilkenny, we meet John on “the first day of the rest of his life”, according to Kathryn Thomas’s chirpy narration. Every weight loss journey needs some comedic relief – and it looks like John will be our official leader in that regard.

“I look good there now in fairness,” he tells his family as they scan his online Operation Transformation profile.

As planned by fitness expert Karl Henry, the rest of John’s life will include walking, jogging, and some bodyweight strength training – for the first few weeks anyway. Oh, and it will also include measuring out the butter for his toast, which he is rightly outraged by.

Kathryn Thomas and her panel of experts. 
Kathryn Thomas and her panel of experts. 

Watching him learning to cut vegetables with his wife Selena this week will no doubt be a highlight of the entire series. As will Selena’s response to him trying to make her jog with him: “I will in me hole.”

Later on, stand-in presenter Ray D’Arcy, who took over for the health check-in this week while Thomas was in isolation, watched as Henry told John about his “phenomenal” step record and seven pound weight loss. Hurrah for TV’s new favourite truck driver!

In Co Cork, Kathleen has decided that her family will eat their main meal at 1pm from now on, so that they can work off what they eat on their farm afterward. Her bladder is also under as much pressure as the corn that John had been trying to chop earlier in the show.

But she’s done it – Henry is delighted with her increased water intake – and her eight pound weight loss. It’s particulaury refreshing to watch Kathleen’s menopause journey at this show, and all are rooting for her to dance the Siege of Ennis without worry soon.

 Sarah on Operation Transformation. 
Sarah on Operation Transformation. 

In Clonmel, 32-year-old Stefano is struggling with press-ups under the gaze of his confused dogs. The long-time smoker also smashed his goals this week, cutting out two cigarettes a day and losing six pounds. Sarah and Katie celebrated similar milestones, losing 11 and 10 pounds, respectively.

If this show gave out medals, mum of four Sarah would get all of them. Her session with Dr Eddie was another highlight this week. Just like a comedian, every good show needs a hero and Sarah is about as close as RTÉ can get.

“This is not just my story,” she says while chasing after her children. “This is every mother’s story across the country.”

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