Is it bad to wash your hair in the bath?

There’s lots to like about a few lengthy, scorching soak within the tub.

Whether you select to shut your eyes and revel in some soothing music, or bask in a bit trash TV (if yow will discover a approach that doesn’t danger dunking your pill within the tub), sinking into the suds enables you to escape the world and all of your worries, if just for some time.

There’s one bath-based dilemma many people face, nevertheless: what do you do if it is advisable to wash your hair?


You’ve been soaking within the water for some time, and also you may need thrown in a slug of bubble tub, a handful of magnesium salts or a drizzle of scented oil. Is it OK to now lather up your locks in the exact same water?

“You should not wash your hair in the bath,” says Adam Jones, of Live True London salons.

“If you use products like bath soaks or bubble bath, this will expose your hair to and soak it in fragranced and coloured water, which can dry your hair out, leach it of colour and cause damage.”

Should you wash your hair within the tub? (Alamy/PA)

Even for those who don’t use soaks or salts in your tub, it’s not nice to soak your strands for a very long time, he provides: “Soaking your hair in water can expand the follicle and leave it open and more vulnerable to tangling and damage.”

Michael Douglas, hair stylist and professional ambassador for Clairol, warns: “Washing your hair in the bath isn’t great for getting your hair clean, due to the water already being slightly dirty.”

Plus, the soiled water will “require you to use more product to get it clean, and might also leave your hair more greasy, therefore making it harder to style” afterwards.

Hair must be rinsed with clear water (Alamy/PA)

What about for those who’ve acquired colored hair? Could washing it within the tub have an effect on the color?

“Washing coloured hair in the bath won’t have any detrimental effects on the colour,” Douglas says. “But it might reduce the level of shine, compared to washing with clean water in the shower.”

So if you need optimum shine and squeaky-clean locks, you’ll have to change on the bathe on the finish of your tub, or separate your hair-washing and bathing routines.

“It’s always better to use clean water and rinse each product thoroughly out after you’ve used it,” Jones concludes. “Then finish with a blow-dry with warm heat.”

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