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Machine gunner Artem, 29, who was wounded in his left shoulder blade throughout a brutal firefight in opposition to Russian troopers, was among the many heroic troops who spoke with The Mirror in regards to the horrors of the warfare from a hospital at a secret location in Ukraine

Hero Ukrainian troopers wounded defending in opposition to Russia ’s brutal invasion desperately need to get again to the frontline and battle once more, they declared yesterday.

At a secret hospital treating Ukraine ’s brave troops we had been advised lots of these shot and blown up in combating to guard Ukraine’s foremost cities are eager to return to the bloody warfare.

In one firefight lasting over 12 hours one soldier revealed simply 35

Ukrainian troops drove again a 300-strong Russian assault that got here in three waves attempting to succeed in Kyiv.

Machine gunner Artem, 29, wounded in his left shoulder blade through the brutal firefight in opposition to Russian troopers stated: “They got here in three waves – it was actually silly of them.

The faces and surnames of the wounded troops are usually not being revealed for operational causes


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

“Each time they must have thought we were all dead but we were still fighting. So many Russian soldiers got shot that day and we drove them all back, wounded or killed them.

“I want to get better as soon as possible. I am a military man, this is my vocation and I want to get back to help defend my country.

“The war is being fought in Ukraine, on our land. They came to our place and did terrible things so of course I want to get to the frontline.”

Artem, from Dnipro, was wounded in week two of the invasion whereas carrying one other stricken comrade out of the battle and he and his comrades fastened bayonets – making ready for hand-to-hand combating.

Vlad, who was shot within the legs, has left his spouse behind in Mariupol and is ready for information to inform him she’s protected


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

They had been patrolling from embattled city Bucha, north west of Kyiv to a city known as Vorzel after they got here throughout a big Russian drive.

Artem stated: “We were in a reconnaissance group of about 35 soldiers and we laid a trap, getting ready to attack them and then opened fire.

“They hadn’t even seen us and were in shock, they were obviously scared and stupid.

“They were not ready and they were not aware of where they were. I shot at least three of them, maybe many more.”

Artem defined that the preliminary Russian assault of 100 was adopted up by two reserve forces of 100 every, which apparently believed the Ukrainians had been all lifeless.

He was wounded by shrapnel when Russian commanders known as tanks into the battle and a shell exploded right into a wall close by, killing a comrade and blasting a gap in his left shoulder and lung.

Many of the troopers are eager to return to the bloody warfare


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

Out of his platoon of 35 males 25 had been injured and 4 had been killed on this one battle which resulted in hand-to hand-fighting.

Artem says: “I was already wounded when the hand-to-hand fighting happened but we drove them back, for sure.”

Asked about Ukrainian claims 18,000 Russians have been killed in fighting he shrugged and said: “For sure, I believe it. They are not well-trained and we are. And I have seen them in battle.

Doctor Knostantine Kotsubanov speaks with a wounded soldier


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

“There is also another difference. We are not scared and our morale is high. We are going to win this.”

After life-saving surgery he was transported to the small hospital where we met Artem other soldiers wounded in the war, all keen to talk about their experience.

Artem proudly shows The Mirror video and pictures of his wedding two weeks ago to his long-term girlfriend Zoya, also 29.

He says: ”We decided to marry because of the war. We brought forward the wedding but it was a small one.

“I had already proposed to her and she had agreed but we brought it forward.”

It took days of negotiation to persuade Ukrainian hospital authorities to give The Mirror permission to talk to these courageous soldiers who have fought all over Ukraine.

Only after several meetings were we allowed to visit the hospital after agreeing not to locate it, for fear Russia would target it with an air-strike.

Doctor Kotsubanov has been treating the war-wounded on the secret location


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

Another soldier, Vlad, 25, had a miracle escape in Mariupol three days after warfare broke out.

He was shot within the leg by Russian troops and left with a fist-sized gap in his thigh, whereas driving in the direction of his personal positions.

Now left along with his proper leg pinned right into a brace he recollects: “I can not consider I’m alive to be sincere.

“We had been despatched ahead to explode a bridge to cease the Russians crossing the river however they had been already coming over the bridge.

Artem was injured by shrapnel from a tank blast


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

“We hit two of their armoured vehicles but more came and it became dark.

“There were more vehicles and we were not sure if they were our until my commander saw the “Z” on the perimeters.

“We attacked these vehicles, hitting two but some broke through and they made an attempt to ambush.

“I was alone in a vehicle desperately trying to get back to Ukrainian lines when I heard gunshots and the feeling in my leg was like boiling water.

“The air bags exploded in the car and pushed me to the side, driving the car into a ditch.

“When I saw how big the wound in my leg was I thought I could bleed out in minutes.

“Plus I was shot in my hand and could only use three fingers to grab a tourniquet and get it on my leg.

Pictured: Bogdan who was shot within the legs


Daily Mirror/Andy Stenning)

“I was in such agony. I was lying on the steering wheel and texting my commander for help but he said they could not reach me as Russian spies were close to me.

“I could hear them.

“I lay there in that ditch for six hours and finally our troops rescued me, bundling me into an armoured car like a piece of meat.

“They had no time to be delicate as it was a very dangerous area.

“But I want to get better, for sure.

“It will take a long time for me to be able to walk again but I want to get back to the frontline with my brothers, of course.”

Vlad then reveals his spouse Arina, 19, who’s from stricken Mariupol and continues to be sheltering in a basement there.

He says: “I just hope she is alive. There are no phone connections there and I have not spoken to her in a week- she told me then she had food and water.”

Asked what number of pals he has misplaced he stated quietly: “A lot.”

Another soldier Bohdan, 30, was shot in the best leg in his calf and his left foot lies in mattress in a room of a number of recovering army males.

He fought in Mariupol and was shot on March 10 however will stroll once more with remedy.

Although in ache he beamed a smile when requested if he’ll battle once more.

“Yes I want that very much.

“This is my ground, my territory. It belongs to every Ukrainian it’s our life.

“Also I want to be back fighting alongside my comrades.

“I lost so many of them. So many friends.”

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