India woos Myanmar: ‘twin track’ diplomacy

As the leading power in South Asia with a growing global outreach, India’s policies at home and beyond have always had an influence on its neighbors. India has made a decisive move via “twin-track diplomacy” to engage with Myanmar’s junta, noting its tight relationship with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and concerns over Beijing’s growing affinity with the regime. But how feasible is it?

At present, India’s ties with its neighbors are strained. The perpetual cold war with Pakistan, the protracted tension along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the coup d’état in Myanmar, and democratic backsliding at home do not sit well with the India’s aspiration to be the region’s dominant player.

The rapport with Bangladesh alone, though still relatively cogent, is insufficient for India to attain regional hegemony. That’s why India has chosen to reconfigure diplomatic ties with its eastern neighbor, Myanmar.

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