“I’m Sorry, What?”: This Twitter Page Collects “Texts With Threatening Auras”, And Here Are 35 Of The Most Hair-Raising Ones (New Pics)

Typing out a few quick sentences and pressing “send” has never been easier, right? Exchanging messages play a huge role in our everyday life, giving us incredible freedom to communicate with our family, friends, and even total strangers from any corner of the world. But this also means we’re pretty easy to reach too, and unfortunately, not everyone’s up for a friendly chat.

Our phones sometimes have a tendency to light up, pour more fuel into our nightmares, and turn our world upside down in mere seconds. Not to sound overly dramatic or anything, but just take a look at this list right here. We’re taking a deep dive into a cursed collection of texts, courtesy of the ‘Texts With Threatening Auras’ Instagram account. The creators of the page document the very worst examples that end up spiraling off somewhere we least expect, leaving us knocking on wood and crossing our fingers in hopes for the best.

We have gone through their feed and gathered some of the most painfully awkward examples below, all for your entertainment! So enjoy scrolling through this list and be sure to tell us which of the entries made you feel slightly in danger. Keep reading to also find an in-depth interview about how to avoid getting lost in translation while sending texts with the web psychologist Graham Jones. And if you think you can handle even more hilarious threatening messages, check out Part 1 of this feature right over here.

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