‘I thought I’d met my dream man at the beach – then his wife messaged me’

After a romantic beachside encounter with a mystery man, a woman decided to reach out to her TikTok followers to find out who he was – little did she expect what happened next

Mica and the mystery man at the beach
Mica and the mystery man at the beach

A model believed she’d met her dream man during a day of sunshine at the beach, but unfortunately, this fairytale beginning didn’t exactly have a happy ending.

Mica Renee, from the US, locked eyes with a Detroit man while vacationing in Miami.

In a meet-cute straight out of a movie, the man “walked right into the ocean to introduce himself” and Mica was “lit when he gave me his number”.

Having been a bit tipsy at the time, Mica had forgotten to save his number to her phone. Therefore, the only way of identifying her mystery crush was through a flirty clip taken by her friend, which showed the two of them having fun together in the ocean.

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Determined to find out more about the man who had captured her interest, Mica took to TikTok asking followers to help her find him. Telling her followers she was ‘counting on’ them to unravel the mystery, Mica joked: “Hopefully he ain’t married”.

Sadly, as revealed in an update, this turned out to be exactly the case and the man’s wife has now reached out to Mica directly about the footage.

Mica said: “I was in Miami looking all good in the ocean and my friend was taking photos of me when he came up to me and introduced himself. My friend thought he was bold so she kept recording. After we got out the ocean he did give me his number but I was lit and I thought I saved it but I didn’t. So the update is, that he is indeed married and I won’t be reaching out to him”.

After his wife came across the vid, she requested that Mica keep it up so that her husband wouldn’t have the chance to wriggle out of anything quite so easily.

Misled Mica made sure to apologise to the wife, but was reassured that she wasn’t the one to blame.

Acknowledging that her husband was the only one in the wrong, the understanding wife thanked Mica for posting the vid, wisely remarking that “everything done in the dark will always come to light”.

Mica’s followers have been pleased to see the two women showing support for each other after having both been deceived, with one person describing the wife’s response as “so respectful”.

Another applauded: “I’m glad you both handled this maturely and respectfully. Womanhood/sisterhood is so important”.

Have you met somebody who turned out to be harbouring a dark secret? Let us know.

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