I do a brief mindfulness exercise to set me up for the day 

The alarm goes off. I take my time getting ready for work and do a brief mindfulness exercise to set me up for the day.


Work starts. I scan emails to check for any urgent requests that might need an immediate response. I then prepare for a virtual meeting. 

Part of the Primary Care Psychology service model is the provision of mental health promotion and prevention at community level. This morning I represent psychology on a local infant mental health steering group made up of representatives from Tusla, Barnardos, Community Mothers, Cuan Saor Women’s Refuge, and local resource centres.

Our goal is to enable services to become infant mental health informed so that the early developing relationship between infant and parent is supported. If intervention is needed, it is provided at the earliest possible time.


I grab a quick coffee.

I have a supervision session with one of the senior psychologists. As a manager, I have responsibility for psychology services across different care groups in South Tipperary. It’s a very busy job, but I enjoy meeting staff from different areas. I work with a great bunch of people. After that, I prepare recruitment paperwork I need to have submitted by this evening.


After nipping out for a sandwich, I work on plans for a team meeting later in the week – we are reviewing service plans for the remainder of the year. It’s an exciting time as we pilot new initiatives to try to increase access to our service for all children, from birth to 18 years. When that’s done, I finish my day with phone calls and emails on my to-do list.


Home from work, clothes changed, and time to start dinner. I like this time in the evening, catching up with my family and going over events of the day.


This evening I have a Zoom call with colleagues from the executive committee of the Irish Association for Infant Mental Health. We are busy preparing to host the World Association for Infant Mental Health Congress in Dublin in July 2023. There is lots of work to be done, but it’s a huge privilege to host this event and, hopefully, an opportunity to promote the very important field of infant mental health in Ireland.

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