How Cambodia’s ASEAN chairmanship will play out

The year 2022 was ushered in after a tumultuous and pandemic-ridden period for the past couple of years. Despite the emergence of new variants of Covid-19, further imposition of travel restrictions, and soaring infection numbers, the Southeast Asian region and, by extension, the world hope for slightly better times ahead.

As for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the mantle of chairmanship has been passed to Cambodia, after Brunei concluded its term last year. As a matter of fact, ASEAN chairmanship is determined by a norm of alphabetical order. This has been the region’s diplomatic template since ASEAN’s inception in 1967.

Cambodia, as the region’s new chair, will be involved in strategic logistics, in particular to host all member states, including 11 dialogue partners (with the latest inclusion of the United Kingdom), to a multitude of ASEAN summits, including the ASEAN Regional Forum in mid-2022, followed by the ASEAN Summit and East Asian Summit at the end of the year.

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