Home listed in Massachusetts a ‘fairytale’ or ‘weird’?



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A home with a puzzling however extremely cool look has landed on the actual property market in Easton, Massachusetts, for $1.65 million.

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The solely factor is, followers on a well-liked social media actual property web page are break up on whether or not they adore it or suppose it’s “weird.”

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It’s known as Place DuCharme and it’s “a fairytale story brought to life,” the itemizing on says. And from the photographs, the three-bedroom, four-bathroom residence does provide an abundance of allure with a mysterious vibe due to its distinctive design on the skin.

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“Designed by architect Paul DuCharme, this home is a token of architectural prestige,” the itemizing says. Features within the 4,348-square-foot inside embody:

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  • Floor-to-ceiling home windows

  • Imported Italian chandeliers

  • Victorian mantled fire

  • Secret staircase

  • Six-person indoor Jacuzzi

  • Undershot waterwheel

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Some have been slightly perplexed by the within of the house, particularly the décor, on Facebook’s Zillow Gone Wild the place the property is posted.

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“Okay, but the water wheel is giving me Pit of Despair from ‘The Princess Bride’ vibes,” one individual joked.

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“This house is so weird!” one other expressed. “Some parts look recently redone, others look really worn and dated, and then that crazy 60s bathroom!”

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“So is the water wheel actually IN water, like an opening to the water beneath the house?” somebody requested. “Because that is the stuff nightmares are made of. Who could sleep thinking some lake monster is crawling up from the water, via the water wheel, into the house. Oh heck no.”

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“I feel like that house saw a predator and got its defenses up,” one individual mentioned in regards to the outdoors.

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“The house itself is cool but whoever lived there had some wacky taste in décor,” somebody commented. “The decor does not go with the house at all.”

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“I’m charmed, but not on the order of $1.659 million,” one individual mentioned.

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Easton is about 29 miles southwest of Boston.

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