Gogglebox star Paige Deville spending Christmas alone after fall out with mother Sally

Gogglebox star Paige Deville shared a statement on her Instagram Story outlining how she will spend her day at home alone – and planned to enjoy it with food, drink and Christmas movies

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Paige Deville appears on Gogglebox with mum Sally in 2020

Former Gogglebox regular Paige Deville is spending Christmas alone – fuelling fears she is still feuding with her mum.

Paige sensationally quit the Channel 4 show in October, blasting producers’ lack of aftercare, and revealing a deep chasm between her and Sally.

In October she called her mum “a disgrace” and said she never wanted to speak to her again because of “a serious family issue”.

And it seems that not even the forgiving spirit of the season can get the warring women’s relationship back on track.

On Saturday morning, the 25-year-old took to Instagram to tell fans that this year she would be sat on the sofa watching festive films – alone.

Have you ever spent Christmas alone due to a family row? Tell us in the comments below!

Paige Deville (left) and her mum Sally joined the show in 2019 and quit in September this year


Channel 4)

She wrote: “I wasn’t going to post this on here but it might help other people in this situation. Due to many reasons, I am spending Christmas Day alone this year.

“A first time for everything but I’m positive and my plan is to eat, drink, listen to music, watch films and be merry.

“If anyone is in the same boat then drop me a message, don’t feel alone and let’s use social media to it’s advantage,” Paige continued.

And then, perhaps in a nod to the Biblical origins of Christmas she added: “Remember that God creates his strongest soldiers by giving them the toughest battles.”

Paige posted this sad statement to social media



Last week she shared a photo of her smiling and speaking of her success



The bubbly Brummy’s decision to quit the programme in a very public way shocked fans, as did cryptic revelations she has made about the collapse of the Deville family unit.

In September, it was reported that the issues she was having with her family were the main reason for leaving Gogglebox.

Speaking to BirminghamLive, she said: “There have been problems within the family and my mum was given an ultimatum. The decision means I have nothing to do with her now. I think the decision is irreversible.

“It is very sad but that’s life, unfortunately. My mum said she would no longer be filming Gogglebox.”

She added: “The show offered me an opportunity to work with another family member but I didn’t want to work with anyone else. My mum and myself had started the journey together and I wasn’t going to film with anyone else.”

It is not known why Paige and her mum Sally fell out, but it seems they have not spoken for months

The following month, Paige lashed out at Happy Mondays’ Shaun Ryder after he called her a ‘snowflake’ for quitting the programme after two years.

She tweeted: “To clarify, people thinking I fell out with my mom over Gogglebox, my ‘mom’ is an absolute disgrace who I wish to never speak to again due to a serious family issue NOT about a tv show,” she tweeted in response.

“In regards to Shaun, that’s exactly what I meant by support to deal with trolls like you.”

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