Former hotel worker warns you should never drink out of the glasses in your room

Former hotel worker Janessa Richard has revealed the reason you should never drink from the glasses provided in hotel rooms as part of her confessions series on TikTok

Janessa made the warning during her 'confessions of a hotel worker'
Janessa made the warning during her ‘confessions of a hotel worker’

There’s nothing more luxurious than spending a good old night away in a hotel, because who really wants to wash their own bed sheets?

But, while a night in a fancy suite, or anywhere except your own house, might feel like the height of sophistication, it turns out there’s a few things we should know.

Of course, most hotel rooms come with a few little treats, as standard, including coffee and tea, as well as mugs and glasses so we can pour ourselves some water.

That’s all fine and dandy… or so you might think. As it turns out, one former hotel worker has warned that she would never drink from those glasses, and you probably shouldn’t either.

TikTok user Janessa Richard ( @janessarichard ) made the confession during one of her ‘Confessions of a hotel worker’ series, where she also recommended against walking on the carpet with bare feet.

“I would not recommend you drink from those glasses,” she said in one clip. “They’re often not changed in-between guests, as long as they ‘look’ clean.”

Yep, that’s absolutely gross. Although Janessa confirmed that hotel staff will, of course, change the glasses if they’ve clearly been used, “but if they look like they haven’t been touched or haven’t been drank out of, they will leave it for the next guest.”

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In another episode of confessions, the TikToker said you should always be wearing socks or slippers when walking on the hotel carpet.

“Never ever, and I repeat, never walk barefeet on the carpets,” she said, explaining that while the carpets do vet vacuumed, they carpets themselves are very rarely actually cleaned.

“And when I say rarely, I mean like maybe once a year…” she added. “So always make sure to wear socks or slippers!”

Unsurprisingly, we weren’t the only ones who were horrified, with hundreds of TikTok users rushing to the comments section to share their disgust.

“I’ve got a new found fear of hotels after these confessions,” one wrote, while another added: “That’s me buying a camper so I never have to stay in a hotel ever again.” Same.

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