Fitness FYI: Check Out 3 New Lifting Records That You May Have Missed

Here, Muscle & Fitness is your hook-up for among the most charming tales of energy through the previous few days.

Tamara Walcott units new 641-pound elephant bar deadlift world report

On Friday, March 6 on the Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus Ohio, the “Plus Size Fitness Queen” took the brand new WRPF deadlift world report, and a minimum of $5k in prize cash, house when she pulled 636-pounds / 288.5-kilograms through the Rogue Record Breakers strongman exhibition. That unimaginable quantity was 15-pounds greater than the earlier report, held by Andrea Thompson.

Walcott, who not too long ago talked solely to M&F about her origins in lifting, and the way she balances championship competitors round a busy household life, took to Instagram to touch upon her superior achievement.

“What a way to spend a day during #womensmonth BREAKING RECORDS, Raising the Bar, INSPIRING the masses, letting everyone know that if I CAN SO CAN YOU!” wrote Walcott. “Especially my fellow #women … you are #sexyandstrong #youarecapable you are QUEENING THIVE!!! on the #strongman STAGE AT THE 2022 @Rogue Fitness @Arnold FESTIVAL 641lbs I Now HOLD DEADLIFT RECORDs IN 2 #strengthsports #powerlifting #strongman #strongwomen. I met so many amazing people that said I inspire … thank you and just know I’m pulling out of you what you already had in you all this time !!!!!!! “The things we do with our time in this world… passionately are the things that pushes us to the best version of who we are meant to be!”

Kevin Faires crushes the Dinnie Stones to set a brand new report

Elsewhere on the Rogue Record Breakers exhibition and in a brand new raise for the occasion, Kevin Faires carried the reproduction Dinnie Stones for 25-feet and 8-inches to set a brand new finest, knocking off Laurence ‘Big Loz’ Shahlaei’s earlier report by round 10-feet. That awe-inspiring efficiency required Faires to maneuver a large 733-pounds in whole. The Dinnie Stones had been named in honor of the legendary Scottish strongman competitor, Donal Dinnie and whereas this was the primary time that that they had appeared on the RRB exhibition, Faires wasted no time in making the brand new report as he took his flip first on the stones. He rapidly set an ordinary that no different challenger might get close to, since Faires was the one man to finish the monitor distance, doing so with obvious ease.

Ashton Rouska squats new deadlift report

Records continued to topple on the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival, together with a brand new normal for the 105-kilograms division squat through the ASF Grand Prix. Weighing in at 103.79-kilograms, Rouska squatted an unimaginable 815.7-pounds / 370-kilograms. The raise was formally recognised by the USAPL who sanctioned the powerlifting competitors.

Taking inventory of his showstopping efficiency, together with additional spectacular shows of 452-pounds / 205-kilograms on the bench press, and an 837.8-pound / 380-kilogram deadlift, Ashton confirmed his levelheadedness with a humble acknowledgement on Instagram.

“Very grateful for all of the overwhelming support,” wrote Rouska. “We get back to work on Monday for nationals. This was an incredibly fun and fast-paced comp. You haven’t seen anything yet! ‘In strength we trust.’”

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