Fifty years on, lessons from Sino-US rapprochement

Half a century ago this month, Chinese leaders received Richard Nixon on a historic visit that ended two decades of estrangement between China and the US. The visit has been rightly hailed as an example of diplomacy and statesmanship at their best.

Fifty years later, as the Sino-US relationship stands “on a precipice” – according to Henry Kissinger, whose secret trip in 1971 laid the groundwork for Nixon’s visit – important lessons may be drawn from “the week that changed the world” to help the policymakers of today chart the future for the enormously complex and consequential relationship.

Responsible leadership vs ‘political correctness’

During their virtual summit last November, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of “shouldering responsibilities as major countries of the world” while his US counterpart Joe Biden underscored the need to “manage competition responsibly.”

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