Diminished James Harden Not Flopping With Same Agility

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PHILADELPHIA—Responding to questions on his on-court struggles throughout his group’s playoff collection towards the Miami Heat, a diminished Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden admitted Friday that he isn’t flopping with the identical agility he used to. “After 13 seasons in the NBA, I’d be lying if I said I could pretend to get fouled with the same quickness that I once did,” stated Harden, including that he discovered it more and more tough to get better from flopping a number of occasions in a single sport so he may very well be able to flop at his finest within the subsequent one. “When I was younger, I could flop 10, 15 times and be fine, but now I’ll flop once or twice and feel sore for days afterward. I definitely notice that I’ve lost about a half-step after pretending to take a charge, and in this game, you can’t afford to lose even a split second before making an exaggerated overreaction at minimal contact. But ultimately, flopping is a key part of my success in the NBA, so even if my body is on the decline, I’ve just got to figure out a way to flop smarter, not harder.” Harden added that he hoped to preserve his power and doubtlessly cut back his enjoying time within the first half so he may keep contemporary ought to he must carry out a game-winning flop with the collection on the road.

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