Dads Share 30 Times Their Daughters Used Them For Makeup Experiments And It’s Hilariously Wholesome

Being used as an artwork undertaking won’t be the perfect strategy to begin a day or finish one. But when youngsters get the urge to create a bit of artwork in your face, will you actually have the ability to say no, particularly when it’s your little lady having a go at make-up? One man shared the results of one such exercise, motivating a parade of dads to come back flooding in with their very own experiences. 

But past the hilarity of the considerably Picassoesque creations lies the caption of the unique put up, stating “see this… this is why I wanted boys”, which some may take as a joke when it’s adopted by a distraught reddened face. But I’ve a problem with it because it assumes that his boys wouldn’t be taking part in with make-up or having some artistic time with their dad. Let’s have a look at some hilarious footage and talk about the necessity for creativity, good relationships with dads, and the complexities of gender and make-up. 


Image credit: DomJHumphreys

Let us know what you considered these fantastic footage and inform us any tales of enjoyable instances you have shared together with your little ones. Without additional ado, let’s get into it!

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