Crime thrillers and disembodied voices | Television

We are unashamed septuagenarian members of the alleged subtitle-friendly minority (Pass notes, 16 November), utilising the TV facility for everything from British documentaries to US crime thrillers. The only potential hazard we ever encounter is when something called “audio description” is applied by mistake and a disembodied voice will suddenly proclaim: “And now he sticks a knife in her back.”
Quentin Falk
Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire

While I can understand Jean Davies’ reluctance to be visited by Boris Johnson (Letters, 15 November), I would welcome the chance to tell him what I think of him, preferably with media in attendance. I’m beginning my radiotherapy on Monday at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow, Boris, if you’d care to drop in.
Rodney Smith
Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire

So, a “new space mission to hunt for potentially habitable planets around Earth’s closest neighbouring star system is under way” (Report, 16 November). Perhaps we should try to make this one habitable first.
Rose Harvie
Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire

The clue “Kind of Swiss clock?” (Quick crossword, 17 November) should actually read “Kind of German clock?”. Ask them in the Black Forest about this common misconception!
Patrick Russell
Ealing, London

It’s interesting how men accused of abusing women have amazingly poor memories (Stanley Johnson accused of inappropriately touching Tory MP, 16 November).
Sue Leyland
Hunmanby, North Yorkshire

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