Baking soda hack while vacuuming to remove stains

Vacuuming may take some time to get achieved, however it’s typically value it to depart your own home glowing clear. One simple hack utilizing baking soda makes it simpler by eradicating stains as effectively

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Baking soda is a robust alkaline answer which could be sprinkled earlier than you vacuum

Vacuuming is the simplest approach to clear grime and mud, which accumulates in all nooks and crannies of your home. Vacuums assist cowl giant areas round the home, engaged on the whole lot from hardwood flooring to fluffy carpets and thick rugs.

While merely utilizing the hoover could be a straightforward and efficient approach to take away all grime on surfaces, utilizing one key ingredient can assist while you’re doing a deeper clear.

One simple hack means that we make use of baking soda, identified for being a robust cleansing agent, to take away stains as you vacuum. Here’s methods to use baking soda on totally different surfaces whereas vacuuming.

What is the benefit of utilizing baking soda whereas vacuuming?

Sprinkling baking soda earlier than you vacuum helps carry stains from surfaces

Baking soda when sprinkled on flooring and carpets can have nice outcomes with cleansing.

The white powder is a robust alkaline answer, and when the alkaline oxidises it produces dioxide gases, which may simply carry stains from surfaces.

In addition, baking soda can be a pure deodoriser, which can assist with freshening up your flooring even earlier than you begin vacuuming them.

How to make use of baking soda whereas vacuuming

Incorporating the usage of baking soda whereas vacuuming is fairly easy. Just be sure to’re stocked up on the kitchen ingredient, and simply earlier than you vacuum sprinkle it over the ground.

This will assist brighten the flooring, carry stains from carpets and assist deodorise each comfortable and arduous surfaces.

Here’s methods to use the baking soda earlier than vacuuming on totally different surfaces:

Carpets – First roughly vacuum the carpet, then sprinkle a beneficiant quantity of baking soda. Leave this soda to sit down for half-hour after which vacuum once more to carry grime, hair, stains and the rest that has accrued on the carpets.

Rugs – With rugs you possibly can simply shake off each floor degree and deep-rooted mud. However, vacuuming often helps preserve any accumulations of stains and mud off them. Add a little bit little bit of baking soda earlier than vacuuming, and it’ll go away your rugs spotless. Once you have completed vacuuming, spritz some diluted important or scented oil after which go away the rug to air in an area with good air flow.

Hardwood flooring – For hardwood flooring, merely sprinkle baking soda on any seen stains or darkish patches. Then go away for 10 minutes. During this time, the stain is often absorbed by the powder and you may simply vacuum it as much as reveal glowing wood flooring.

How typically ought to we vacuum our home?

You can use baking soda earlier than vacuuming to take away stains from arduous and comfortable surfaces


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Vacuuming often is necessary to carry toxins and particles, in addition to forestall build-up of those nasty particles on our flooring and carpets.

For new carpets, it’s best to vacuum on daily basis in the course of the first few weeks. As the carpet turns into older, you possibly can reduce to vacuuming twice per week. In phrases of hardwood flooring, it is best to hoover as soon as per week.

Vacuuming can forestall build-up of particles, however a deep clear utilizing baking soda can be useful for dirty or stained surfaces.

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