At home, Putin has long cultivated neo-Nazis

Many commentators have already debunked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s absurd declare to be waging struggle to “de-nazify” Ukraine.

Some have identified the far-right acquired solely 2% of the vote in Ukraine’s 2019 parliamentary elections, far lower than in most of Europe. Others have drawn consideration to Ukraine’s Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and the efforts of the Ukrainian state to guard minorities like Crimean Tatars and LGBTQ+ folks, who’re topic to brutal persecution in Russia.

What has acquired much less protection is the Putin regime’s personal file of collaboration with far-right extremists. Even as Russian diplomats condemned “fascists” within the Baltic states and Kremlin propagandists railed in opposition to imaginary “Ukronazis” in energy in Kiev, the Russian state was cultivating its personal homegrown Nazis.

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