Another Iranian plane lands in Myanmar

At 9:24am on Wednesday, another Iranian plane landed in Naypyidaw, believed to be loaded with military equipment for Myanmar’s junta. In mid-January, I reported here in Asia Times that a delegation of Iranians – some with possible links to the country’s military – had arrived in Myanmar earlier that month for either the second or third Iranian visit since the Tatmadaw took power through a coup in February 2021.

A well-placed source told me on Tuesday evening that an Iranian plane was expected to land in Myanmar the following morning, as was the case. The plane was to deliver a cargo of 21 boxes thought to contain military hardware, I was informed, although the source wasn’t sure of what specific materiel is allegedly being provided by Iran to Myanmar’s military junta.

(In January, several sources speculated that it could be guided missiles, which would significantly enhance the embattled junta’s ability to wage war on ethnic militias and the “People’s Defense Force” from the air.)

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